Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Dr. Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Professor Emeritus

Year Started at GU: 1987
Office: Prairie Center
Phone: (618) 664-6863
Email: [email protected]
Areas of Responsibility:

Writing curriulum, planning schedules, hiring instructors, monitoring student progress

Dr. Salguero-Schmidt's two areas of interest and professional focus have been in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Children's Literature. She has made presentations at professional conferences related to both of these areas. As a result for her passion for TESOL, Dr. Salguero-Schmidt created the TESOL Teaching Certificate Program for Greenville College, soon to also be offered online at the graduate level for certified public-school teachers.

Dr. Salguero-Schmidt is very much involved in Delta Kappa Gamma, an International Honor Society for Women Educators. She served as president of her local chapter three times and has been the editor of the chapter's yearbook since 1996. She has also been involved at the state level of the organization, serving on one of the Delta Kappa Gamma Lambda State committees. In addition, Dr. Salguero-Schmidt is the co-sponsor of the Greenville College chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society for Education. She attends the KDP bi-annual convocations faithfully.

University professor of English language and literature: 1973-1987 Universidad del Turabo, Caguas, Puerto Rico; 1987-present Greenville College.
Hobbies: all forms of needlecrafts and paper crafts.
Favorite genre: mysteries and detective fiction.

About Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

The best thing about GC is the incredible community of people with whom I work. We care about each other and support each others' endeavors-whether personal or professional. You never need to fear backbiting or mean spirited attacks. There are difficult challenges working at a small university, but we manage to work through them together. We may not agree with each other, but we respect each others' opinion. What a blessing!

What attracted you to Language, Literature, and Culture?

As a passionate reader from an early age and coming from a family of teachers, the path was clear-to teach English. Through my higher education studies, though, I realized that I loved learning about language and how/why people learn languages. My focus turned from literature to  second language acquisition. My masters  is in English Language and Literature, but my doctorate is in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education. My favorite aspects of SLA include socio-linguistics and cross-cultural studies. I have been teaching English to speakers of other languages for years and have loved every moment of it. Fortunately, I also get to share my passion by training others to teach ESL. The best part is making friends with people from all over the world!

Publications and Presentations

2009-2010: Designed an Intensive English Language Immersion program and an Intensive English Language Two-Week Summer Program for international students attending Greenville College.

2008-present: Advisory Board for the Community Ventures International Ecuador school project, Colegio Amor y Esperanza, Quito, Ecuador.

May 2008: Served as outside evaluator of the academic program and facilities of Colegio Amor y Esperanza, Carmen Bajo community, Quito, Ecuador.

May 2008: Gave two presentations to teachers of Alliance Academy International, Quito, Ecuador: "Role of ESL", Teacher in a Push-In Program: "The Need for Collaboration", ESL Pull-Out Programs: "How Can the ESL Teacher Help the Regular Classroom Teacher?"

2006- present: Advisory Board for the University Language Studies Program, FM Organization, Indianapolis, IN.

March 2009: Presentation on "The Haves and Have Nots: Two Schools in Ecuador" for the Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Pi Chapter. Greenville, IL, March 6th.

January 2009: Presented a three-hour workshop on "Strategies to Use in the EFL Classroom" to the
University Language Services teachers in China. Breakthrough Retreat Center, Hong Kong.

June 2008: Presented a two-day workshop [12 hours]: "Basic Training in Teaching English as a Second Language" to new ESL teachers in the University Language Studies (China) Program, Indianapolis, IN.

July 2006: Presented a Two-day Workshop [12 hours]: "Second Language Acquisition," New Missionary Training Program, Turner, Oregon, July 5-6. Presented a Two-day Workshop [12 hours]: "Basic Training in Teaching English as a Second Language" to new ESL teachers in the University Language Studies (China) program, Turner, Oregon, July 7-9.

2005: Presentation: "But What Does it Mean? Using Multimedia in a Poetry Unit," Delta Kappa Gamma, Lambda State Convention, St. Louis, MO, April 16, 2005

2001: Presentation: "Cultural Diversity in Children's Literature." Kappa Delta Pi Convocation,
Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL. November 10, 2001.

2000: Presentation: "Cultural Diversity in Children's Literature: When Does a Book Offer True Insights?" Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Lambda State Convention, Oak Brook Hyatt Regency, Oak Brook, IL. April 7, 2000.


Professional Affiliations

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages);
NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English); Delta Kappa Gamma (International Society for Women in Education); Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society for Education)