Gary Erickson

Gary Erickson

Assistant Professor of Music

Year Started at GU: 2007
Office: Whitlock Music Center 117
Phone: 618-664-6573
Email: [email protected]
Areas of Responsibility:

Head of Music Industry Studies

My name is Gary Erickson. I am an assistant professor for the Music Department as well as an assistant professor in the Digital Media Department working with the Audio emphasis.

About Gary Erickson

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville University?

I feel that I am more of a "players coach" where we work together to achieve goals together. I don't sit back and simply lecture; I roll my sleeves up and get right in there with you working together. One of my favorite parts is seeing how students grow, mature and change so much from their freshmen year to seniors. Having an opportunity to have a hand in that growth and transformation is very rewarding. Earning a degree is not the end means of the college experience, it is merely a marker along the way in the process of your life-long journey and it is my pleasure to help along the way.

What attracted you to the Music Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I had been playing cello and piano since I was in grade school and started singing in high school. Music and computers were a passion of mine growing up. I have since earned a number of degrees in various areas and have had jobs where I have been able to combine all the various interests into a single job. At first, music and computers were a passion... now I teach music using some of the most advanced music technology available!

I still sing, play piano, play cello, lead worship services and create original compositions as my time allows. Having a connection to the performing arts and being able to play and sing songs in a manner to help others is still very important to me.


MUSG150 Faith,Music, Culture
MUSG226 Survey of Audio Engineering and Production
MUSG227 Studio Production
MUSG326 Audio Editing Techniques
MUSG327 Mixing Techniques
MUSG360 Audio Post Production
MUSG235 Critical Listening
MUSG260 Intro to Music Technology
MUTH312 Commercial Arranging and Producing
MUSG350 Faith, Music, Culture Senior Seminar
MUSG395 Practicum
MUEN148/348 Orchestra
MUSG419 Senior Project