Eric Nord

Dr. Eric Nord

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

Year Started at GU: 2013
Office: Snyder Hall, Room 222
Phone: 618-664-6526
Email: [email protected]
Areas of Responsibility:

Environmental Biology, Ayers Field Station

I am an Ecologist with broad interests in the area of sustainability. I am particularly interested in questions of sustainability in food production.

I have worked in  Honduras, China, South Africa, and Malawi.


Environmental Science and Stewardship (BIO 108)
General Biology II (BIO 112)
Ecology (BIO 370)

Publications and Presentations

Saengwilai P., E.A. Nord, J.G. Chimungu, K.M. Brown, J.P. Lynch. 2014. Root cortical aerenchyma enhances nitrogen acquisition from low nitrogen soils in maize (Zea mays L.) Plant Physiology, in press

York, L.M., E.A. Nord, and J.P. Lynch. 2013. Integration of root phenes for soil resource acquisition. Frontiers in Plant Science. 4:355.
Jaramillo, R.E., E.A Nord, J.G. Chimungu. K.M. Brown, and J.P. Lynch. 2013. Root cortical burden, influences drought tolerance in maize. Annals of Botany. 112 (2): 429-437.

Nord, E.A., M.R.Ryan, W.S. Curran, D.A. Mortensen, and S.B. Mirsky. 2012. Effects of management type and timing on weed suppression in soybean no-till planted into rolled-crimped cereal rye. Weed Science. 60(4):624-633.

Nord, E.A., C. Zhang and J.P. Lynch. 2011. Root responses to neighbouring plants in common bean are mediated by nutrient concentration rather than self/non-self recognition. Functional Plant Biology. 38(12):94-951.

Nord, E.A., W.S. Curran, D.A. Mortensen, S.B. Mirsky, and B.P. Jones. 2011. Integrating Multiple Tactics for Managing Weeds in High Residue No-Till Soybean. Agronomy Journal. 103(5):1542-1551

Nord, E.A., K. Shea, and J.P. Lynch. 2011. Optimizing Reproductive Phenology in a Two-Resource World: A Dynamic Allocation Model of Plant Growth Predicts Later Reproduction in Phosphorus Limited Plants. Annals of Botany. 108(2):391-404.

Nord, E.A. and J.P. Lynch. 2009. Plant phenology: A critical controller of soil resource acquisition. Journal of Experimental Botany. 60(7):1927-1937.

Professional Affiliations

Ecological Society of America
Crop Science Society of America
Association for Biological Laboratory Education