Directory - A-Z Directory List

Abla, Evan Executive Director of Advancement Services

Ackerman, Carrie Director of Field Education, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Ackerman, Dr. George Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor

Ackerman, Tom Chief Enrollment Officer, Athletic Director

Adams, Dr. Thomas Adjunct Instructor

Aden, Michael Strategies and Operations Project Manager

Ahern, Dr. William Emeritus Professor of Biology

Alger , Dr. Sharon Professor Emeritus

Alstat, Joseph Adjunct Instructor

Alvord, Dr. Paul Assistant Professor of Education

Amato, Greg Chief Information Officer

Amundson, Jacob Art Department Chair, Associate Professor

Aspland, Michael Adjunct Instructor for Criminal Justice & Social Work

Aten, Marilyn Adjunct Professor - University Pathways

Awalt, Cassidy Admissions Counselor

Ayers, Mark Adjunct Instructor

Baer , Erick Adjunct Instructor

Baker, Ross Dean of Student Development

Barber, Dr. George Head Men's Basketball Coach, Professor of Kinesiology and Sport

Barigye, Ayebale Admissions Counselor

Barnes, Renea Campus Safety Administrative Assistant

Beans, Marty Instructor of General Studies

Beans, Dr. Rich Associate Professor of Psychology

Beatty, Mr. Anthony Facilities/Painter

Beckett, Marquise Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Bell, Jane Instructor of Business

Bell , David Adjunct Faculty

Bernal, Melinda Adjunct Professor

Bernico, Shannan Adjunct Instructor

Best, Waldo Adjunct Professor

Betscher, Janice Administrative Assistant - Athletics/Physical Education

Bible, Jamie Adjunct Instructor, Assessment Specialist

Blue, Dr. Ed Professor Emeritus

Blue Holden, Dr. Teresa Dean of General Education, Associate Professor of History and Political Science

Borwick, Christopher Educational Technologist

Bowers, Sara Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Boyd, Craig Adjunct Instructor

Boyer, Tyler Adjunct Instructor

Braden, Cory Enrollment Data Analyst

Bradford, Amy Organizational Leadership Adjunct Instructor

Bradley, Dr. Justin Adjunct Instructor: Online only

Bradshaw, David University Pathways Instructor

Brannon, Brett Director of Major Gifts

Brannon, Carl Adjunct Professor

Brannon, Kim Administrative Assistant

Brannon, Walter Adjunct Faculty

Branscome, Jo Risk Management & Insurance Coordinator

Branum, Jennifer Assistant Director of Admissions

Brink, Melanie Adjunct Professor

Brooks, Emily Admissions Record Evaluator and Adjunct Instructor

Brooks, Winsome Adjunct Instructor

Broomfield, Tom Fitness Training Center Director; Assistant Track & Field Coach (Head Throws Coach); Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brown, Naomi Director of Residence Life and Housing

Brown, Renee Adjunct Professor

Brown, Ronald Adjunct Instructor

Brown, Scott Senior Graphic Designer

Brown , Carole Adjunct Instructor

Bruhn, Brady Adjunct Instructor

Buehne, Rachael Staff Accountant

buehrer, Rebecca Graduate-Assistant Coordinator of Residence Education

Bueno, Edgar Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Burge, Dr. Catherine Clarinet Adjunct Instructor

Burress, Joseph Adjunct Instructor

Busch, Mona Adjunct Instructor

Byrne, Thomas Adjunct Professor

Byrnes, Timothy Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Campo, Dr. Jill Adjunct Instructor

Campo, Tyler Adjunct Instructor

Cantrill, Melissa Director of Student Accounts Services

Cantrill, Todd Adjunct Instructor

Carlson, Lynn Head Baseball Coach & Instructor of Sport & Kinesiology

Carter, DMin, Dr. Terrell Chief Diversity Officer and Special Advisor to the President

Chavez, Rebecca Adjunct Instructor

Chenoweth, Donna Adjunct Instructor

Chism, Jack Emeritus Professor of Business Management

Chism, Susan Adjunct Instuctor of English and Management

Choi, Dr. Hyung Professor, Department of Physics and Engineering

Clark, Victoria Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Cluphf, David Adjunct Instructor

Cochrane, Kevin Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Cole, Deloy Department Chair of Digital Media & Director of Student Media

Coleman, Ryan Professor of Music

Cone, Dr. Steve Adjunct Professor

Cook, Steve Adjunct Instructor

Cox, Dr. Daryl Emeritus Faculty; Adjunct Instructor

Coziar, Kelly Adjunct Instructor

Crawford, Chris Graduate Assistant - Strength

Dahlbeck, Dr. David Adjunct Instructor

Davis, Phil Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Davis, J.D., MBA, Suzanne President

Denton, Grace Instructor of Commercial Voice and Director of Vocal Studies

DiMiele, Amanda Adjunct Instructor

DiMiele, Zachary Adjunct Professor of Communication

Dodson, Beth Coordinator of Comprehensive Campaign and Foundation Relations

Downing, Dr. Marie Adjunct Instructor

Dunkley, Dr. Eugene Associate Professor of Biology

Durbin, Missy Administrative Assistant

Dussold , Amanda Adjunct Instructor

Easley, Mollie Adjunct Instructor

Ecton, Dane Adjunct Instructor

Edwards, Heather Senior Development Specialist

Eilers, Cassie Admissions Counselor

Elam, Tina Administrative Assistant

Erickson, Gary Assistant Professor of Music

Essen, Mary ESL Instructor

Estevez, Ivan Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Evaul, Jessica Director of Nursing Partnerships Program & Adjunct Instructor

Everett, Terry Adjunct Instructor

Faulkner, Dr. Doug Professor of Sport and Kinesiology, Assistant Coach for Women's Basketball

Feist, Kelci Spirit Program Director

Fike, Hollie Funds Manager

Fink, B.J. Head Esports Coach

Fink, Kathrynn Content Developer, Adjunct Professor

Finley, Jeff Adjunct Instructor of Communication and English

Flannery, Joshua Assistant Football Coach

Foster, Buddy Head Softball Coach/NCAA Compliance Director

Frazure, Don Interim Director of Choral Activies

Freels , Nancy Adjunct Instructor

Gaffner, Lori Dean of Chapel, Director of Spiritual Formation, & Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Theology

Gaffner, Scott Adjunct Instructor

Ge, Liang Director of International Student Success

Geyer, Becky Adjunct Instructor

Gibson, Hayle Associate Head Women's Volleyball Coach and Senior Woman Administrator

Giffen, Scott Chief Development Officer

Gill, Rhonda Shared Services Specailist

Gilles, Chelsea Graduate Assistant for Student Success

Gilmore, Isaac Assistant Professor in Digital Media

Gilmore, Marcos Adjunct Professor

Gilmore, Morgan Adjunct Instructor

Goeken, Melissa Facilitator

Goodson, Barbara Adjunct Instructor

Grant, Brandon Assistant Football Coach

Grant, Kylie Assistant Softball Coach

Grimes, Dr. Sharon Emeritus Professor of Art; Curator/Director of the Richard W. Bock Sculpture Museum

Gropp, Kelcey Adjunct Professor

Grove , Brian Adjunct Instructor

Groves, Stephen Assistant Athletic Director, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Hadeler, Caitlin Adjunct Instructor

Hager, Dr. Emily Adjunct Faculty

Hair, Brianne Advancement Services Coordinator

Hall, Megan Director of Online and Graduate Admissions

Hampton, Kenny Media Resources

Harkins, Clinton Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor

Harris, Karen Student Teacher Supervisor

Hartley, Dr. Brian Chief Academic Officer

Harvey, Eudona Adjunct Faculty

Hawkins, David Adjunct Professor

Heaps, Jonathan Adjunct Instructor

Heichelbeck, Tamie Emeritus Staff

Heideman, Gail Dean of Library Services

Heilmer, Steven Emeritus Professor of Art

Helman, Amanda Adjunct Professor

Henrichsmeyer, Amber Human Resources Generalist

Higgins, Michelle Adjunct Professor

Hill, Tyler Adjunct Professor

Hinrichsen, Laura Adjunct Professor

Hinton, Johnny Coordinator of Residence Education of Hood Hall

Hoffmann, Diana Library Assistant

Hogg, Jada Educational Advisor with TRIO

Holden, Dr. Dave Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies; Assistant Professor of HPR; Faculty Athletic Representative

Holman, Dr. Cary Emeritus Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Holzinger , Heidi Adjunct Instructor

Hopkins, Jane Emeritus Faculty, Former Library Director

Houghtaling, Duane Adjunct Instructor

Houghtaling , Kendra Adjunct Instructor

Hughes, Mary Adjunct Instructor

Hughes, Dr. Vince Adjunct Instructor

Hughey-Rasler, Dr. Susan Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Huston, Dr. Richard History and Political Science Department Chair and Professor of History

Huston, Ruth Permanent Part-time Instructor

Ibenana, Peter Adjunct Instructor

Iler, Dr. Darrell Emeritus Faculty; Adjunct Instructor

Inanen, Donna Staff Accountant

Ivashyn, Dr. Vlad Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jackson, Dr. Dwight Adjunct Professor

Jackson, Kevin Adjunct Professor

Jenkins, D. Nathan Assistant Professor of Business and Director of Accounting Program

Jenner, Dr. Mark Director of Agribusiness

Jensen, Dr. Daniel Professor Emeritus

Johnson, Dr. Bob Professor Emeritus

Johnson, Chris Adjunct Faculty

Johnson, Heather Assistant Professor of Education

Johnson, Dr. Karlene Associate Professor of Education

Johnson, Dr. Nancy M. Adjunct Instructor

Johnson , Christopher Adjunct Instructor

Jones, Kathleen Adjunct Instructor

Jones, Stephanie Shared Services and International Residential Specialist

Joseph, Lauren Marketing Coordinator

Justice, David Adjunct Instructor

Kautu, Dr. Bwarenaba Assistant Professor of Biology

Kenney , Jim Assistant Football Coach

Kerr, Dr. Nathan Adjunct Instructor

Kessinger, David Director of Financial Aid

Kessler, Whitney Assistant Athletic Trainer, Assistant Softball Coach, & Adjunct Exercise Science Instructor

Kleinmann, Ann Adjunct Instructor

Korte, Lisa Student and Records Coordinator

Krapf, Kara Chemical Hygiene Officer

Kriebel, Nathan Pursuit Touring Manager

Kriegel, Becky Adjunct Instructor

Krober, Kent Professor Emeritus

Kuhn, Janice Program Administrator for the College of Social Sciences and Education

LaFaye, Dr. Alexandria Associate Professor of English

Lamb, Dr. Mark Associate Professor of Graduate Education

Laughlin, Justin Adjunct Professor

Laughlin, Kasey Instructional Design and Technology Specialist and Adjunct Instructor

Laughlin, Dr. Michael Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Department Chair of Criminal Justice

Lawler, Crystal Adjunct Instructor

Lee, Sherry Coordinator of Accreditation

Leininger, Jennifer Director of Operations

Lindley, Randie Payroll Specialist

Liss, Katrina Chief Culture and Operations Officer

Long, Dr. Lisa Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor

Lopez, Brittany Student Success Specialist

Macon, Anthony Media Resources / Head Bass Fishing Coach

Mager, Deedra Admissions Counselor

Malone , Betty Adjunct Instructor

Mannoia, V. James Former President

Manos, Dr. Mary Adjunct Professor

Marble, Dr. Kristen Adjunct Instructor

Marcello, Gregg Assistant Professor

Marshall, Hannah Adjunct Instructor and Advisor for The Scriblerus

Marshall, Dr. Zach Assistant Professor of English

Martin, Dale Professor Emeritus

Martin, Yvi Adjunct Instructor

Mason, Julie Associate Registrar

McClain, Aubrey Shapiro Fellow of Jewish-Christian Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology

McFarlane, Scott Adjunct Instructor

McLean, Kealin Admissions Counselor

McNamara, Elaine Director of Greenville SMART Center

McPeak, Dr. Rick Emeritus Professor of Philosophy & Theology

Meier, Dawn Adjunct Instructor

Miedich, Carl Adjunct Instructor

Mifflin, Ryan Operations Manager

Milabu, Johnny Admissions Counselor

Miller, Deb Articulations Coordinator

Mohr, Josiah Graduate Assistant

Mollett, Nancy File Processor

Mollett, Steve Facilities

Montgomery , Ralph Professor Emeritus

Moon, Tony Adjunct Instructor

Moore, Danara Director of Experiential Learning, Assistant Professor of Music Business

Moore, Luke Assistant Football Coach / Running Backs Coach

Morgan, Tom Professor Emeritus

Morris, Carla Managing Editor for Advancement Publication

Moyer, Jerry University Pathways Adjunct Instructor

Mulholland, Roy Sport and Kinesiology Department Chair, Assistant Professor of Sport and Kinesiology & Head Women's Basketball Coach

Mulholland, Royal Professor Emeritus

Mullett, John Adjunct Instructor

Munshaw, Jennifer Assistant Registrar

Munshaw, Robert Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Theology

Murphy, Rick Assistant Director of Information Technology

Myers, Nicole Dean of Student Success and First Year Experience

Myette, CFRE, Linda Senior Campaign Advisor

Nafziger Nord, Dr. Andrea Associate Professor of Biology

Nava, Dr. Faith Marie Study Abroad Coordinator

Nava, Dr. Mauricio Associate Professor of Language & Culture

Neeley, Dewayne Director of Alumni & Church Relations

Nehf, Katie Assistant Women's Basketball Coach and Instructor

Nelson, Alyssa Admissions Office Coordinator

Nelson, Breck Department Chair of the Briner School of Business, Campaign and SMART Initiatives Director

Niles, Christy Online Admissions Advisor

Noble, JoAnn Professor Emeritus

Nonnenmacher, David Adjunct Instructor: Online only

Nord, Dr. Eric Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

O'Sullivan, Lisa Adjunct Instructor

Oglesby, Cyndi Manager of Alumni and Church Relations

Oglesby, Kayce Adjunct Instructor

Oidjarv, Helo Director of Social Work, Associate Professor

Orban, Jamie Adjunct Faculty

Owens, Mark Facilities

Panther, Hoguey Mascot and Brand Steward

Papez, Tori Graduate Assistant

Park, Jiwon Adjunct Instructor/Staff Accompanist

Parker, Mr. Bobby Adjunct Professor

Parker, Phil University Pathways Adjunct Instructor

Pattenaude, Dr. Scott Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Patton, Brian Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach; Head Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach; Instructor

Pearce, Danielle Graduate Assistant Coach

Peppler, Mike Adjunct Instructor; Head Athletic Trainer

Pestle, Jeremy Adjunct Instructor

Peters, Bethany Adjunct Faculty

Peters, Galen Professor Emeritus

Peters, Dr. George Mathematics Department Chair, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Peters, Linda Adjunct Instructor

Pettit, Warren Executive Director - Experience Institute Nashville

Pickering, Jill Director - Business Track

Plett, James Professor Emeritus

Plogue, Thomas Adjunct Instructor

Polley, Beth Facilitator

Probst, P.E., Dr. David Professor and Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering

Probst, Justin Maintence

Pryor, Kelli Coordinator of Career Services

Rabe, Rachel Interim Director of Admissions

Rankin, Ruth Adjunct Instructor of Health Psychology

Reeves, Roger Adjunct Professor, Electronics

Reid, Timothia Adjunct Instructor

Reinhard, Dr. Brian Department Chair of Modern Languages, Professor of Spanish, Assist Women's Basketball

Reinhard, James Professor Emeritus

Reinhard, Marilyn Staff Emeritus

Rena , Pate Adjunct Instructor

Richards, Marilyn Professor Emerita

Rincker, Andy Assistant Baseball Coach, Ag Enrollment Representative, Director of Conference Services, Adjunct Instructor

Ritter, Dr. Michael Adjunct Instructor

Rivas, Liz Adjunct Professor

Roark, David Adjunct Instructor

Robart, Regina Executive Assistant to the President

Robart, Mr. Vaughn Adjunct Professor

Rockey, Joshua Adjunct Instructor

Rone, Hunter Assistant Football Coach

Ross, Veronica Emerita Professor of Communication

Runquist, Zachary Instructor - Experience Institute Nashville

Salguero-Schmidt, Dr. Sandra Professor Emeritus

Salz, Dr. Carl Adjunct Professor

Sanders, Alyssa Transfer & Records Coordinator

Sanders, Greg Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice

Sanders, Jane Professor Emeritus

Sanders, Dr. L. Everett Emeritus

Sands, Barb Chief Financial Officer

Sayler, Dr. Larry Emeritus Faculty; Adjunct Instructor

Schannot, Sarah Adjunct Education Professor

Schaub, Laura Assistant Professor

Schaufelberger, Dieadre Director of Clinical Practice

Schmidt, K. Alexander Adjunct Instructor

Schmidt, Dr. Kenneth Emeritus Professor of Elementary Education

Schnautz, Dr. Dee Ann Adjunct Professor

Schneck, B.J. Director of Athletic Event Management and Sports Information

Schoen, Ralph Adjunct Instructor

Schomaker, Robbie Head Football Coach

Schrimpf, Dr. Mike Adjunct Faculty

Schulte, James Campus Safety Officer

Schwent, Abigail Adjunct Faculty

Scott, Amanda Adjunct Instructor

Seaton, Colleen Adjunct Professor

Selk, Caleb Assistant Baseball Coach

Sharon Harper, Ms. Lisa Justice Ministry Visiting Professor

Sheets, Angela Head Softball Coach

Sheets, Angela Head Coach for Softball

Shelburne, Dale Print Shop Assistant

Shelton, Michael Patrick Adjunct Instructor

Sheriff, Donald Professor Emeritus

Siebert, Todd Facilities

Siefken, Dr. Hugh Professor Emeritus of Physics & Engineering

Smith, Dana Administrative Assistant for Community Life

Smith, George Campus Counselor

Smith, Robert Former President

Snow, Keeli Director of the Business Management Program and Instructor

Sparks, Fallon Adjunct Instructor

Spitler, Kayla University Pathways Instructor

Stabenow, Troy Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor

Starr, Lawrence Professor Emeritus

Starr, Marilyn College Archivist

Staton, Alex Director of Marketing

Staton, Kaylee Director of Shared Services

Stephens, W. Richard Former President

Stewart, Rich Assistant Football Coach / Defensive Line Coach

Stewart , Darrin Adjunct Instructor

Stille, Trey Graduate Assistant, Linebacker Coach

Sun, Dr. Kang Director of Student Services

Sunderland, Dr. Paul Assistant Professor of Worship Arts

Sunderland, Terri Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Sussenbach, Michelle Registrar

Swalley, Terry Adjunct Instructor

Swanson, Norman Professor Emeritus

Swift, Christopher Head Men's Soccer Coach, Adjunct Instructor

Swift, Marissa Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Tackett, Barb Program Coordinator for UTEP

Talley, Braque Administrative Staff

Tarr, Maggie Adjunct Instructor

Tate, Heather Adjunct Professor

Taylor, Courtney Adjunct Instructor

Taylor, Dr. Kathryn Associate Chief Academic Officer

Taylor, Pam Emeritus, Administrative Asst. Alumni

Thomack, Andrew Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Thomack, Sarah Communications Coordinator

Thomas, Dr. Mark Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership

Thomas-Jacob, Dr. Shiney Adjunct Instructor

Thompson, Frank Professor Emeritus

Thompson, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor

Thompson, Tara Office Manager

Timerman, Dawn Adjunct Professor

Tindall, Gret International Student Advisor, Adjunct Professor

Toman, Dr. Susan Adjunct Instructor

Tomaschke, Harry Professor Emeritus

Trinidad, Alice University Pathways Intern

Truitt, Kristoffer Lead Web Applications Developer, Adjunct Instructor

Tungate, Stephen Director of Center for Pastoral Formation

Tyrrell, Jesse Assistant Football Coach / Running Backs Coach

Ulmer, Dr. Cecelia Professor Emeritus

Underwood, Dr. Vanda Adjunct Instructor of Education

Valentin, Pedro Director of Diversity Initiatives

Vanaik, Dr. Geet Dean of Academic, International and Student Services

Wagner, Joanne Professor

Walk, Tara Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor

Wall, Gail Head Cashier/Collections Supervisor

Ward, Cathy Adjunct Instructor

Ward, Michael Coordinator of Residence Education and Instructor

Wardlaw, Jeff Head Women's Soccer Coach, Adjunct Instructor

Washington, Sean Spirit Program Director and Adjunct Instructor

Watterson, Dr. Eric Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology; Dean of Assessment and Institutional Research

Watts, Kareem Associate Director of Leadership Development, Student Engagement, and Instructor

Wayman, Dr. Ben James F. and Leona N. Andrews Chair in Christian Unity & Associate Professor of Theology

Webster, Ken Adjunct Instructor

Wight , Timothy Adjunct Instructor

Williams, Dr. Belinda Adjunct Professor

Wilmot, Shua Resident Director

Wilson, James Professor Emeritus

Wilson, Sarah Senior Admissions Counselor

Wilson, Scott Assistant Track & Field/Cross Country Coach, Adjunct Instructor

Wingert, Andrew Adjunct Instructor

Winkeler, Joy Accompanist

Witkowski, Mark Adjunct Instructor

Wolf, Ian Assistant Men's and Women's Tennis Coach

Woods, Dr. Chris Emeritus Professor of Music

Woody, Karissa Mailroom Supervisor and Staff Accountant

Worker, Amanda Director of Field Experience in Teacher Education

Wright, John Professor Emeritus

Young, Matthew Manager of Advancement Services

Young, Richard Adjunct Professor

Young, Ryan Lab Band/Commercial Music Adjunct Instructor

Younker, Paul Emeritus Staff

Yvi, Martin Adjunct Instructor

Zbinden, Luke Facilities

Zhao, Dr. Dongxue Assistant Professor of Engineering & Physics

Zink, MLIS, Josh Assistant Librarian

Zinn, Bryan Adjunct Instructor