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Spanish Education

Spanish Education at Greenville University 

Become a servant leader as a Spanish teacher in our culturally diverse world. Broaden your understanding of the Spanish language, literature, and culture while preparing to do the same for your students. Acquire more than 300 hours of hands-on classroom experience in rural and urban settings before you graduate. Learn to educate the whole student through best practices and proven pedagogical approaches. Serve the growing population of Spanish-speaking students, and those seeking to make Spanish their second language.

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Travel the Spanish-speaking world as a Spanish education major at GU. Join a mission trip to Mexico, Costa Rica, or the Dominican Republic. Study abroad in Spain, Central America, or Mexico.

Enter a growing field with many job opportunities. Talented Spanish teachers are in high demand as the population of Spanish speakers in the U.S increases.


Learn how to inspire the next generation of Spanish language learners in your classroom and to give them the same passion for the language that you have.

Why GU


Learning environment. Take advantage of small class sizes, caring faculty, and a Christ-centered program to fuel your passion for Spanish language and cultural studies.



Christian discipleship. Mentors and discipleship opportunities at GU help you grow your faith as you prepare to care for the next generation of students.


Generous classroom hours. Acquire more than 300 hours of experience in rural and urban  classrooms and enter the teaching field confident and prepared.

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Spanish Education, BS Success Story

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Spanish Education, BS Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The Spanish education major leads to a bachelor of science degree, and requires 36 credits of Spanish specialization courses including one semester abroad and 53 hours of professional studies in education.