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Physics at Greenville University

Step into an experimental field relevant to emerging technologies. Learn to make sense of life’s physical, chemical, and biological processes. Prepare to succeed in graduate school, or earn certification to teach physics at the middle grades and secondary levels.

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Practical application
From stealth technology to quantum cryptography, applications of physics have the potential to impact many technological advances in our modern world.
Tradition of excellence

Bring your love of physics to GU, where students once benefited from the only ion accelerator south of Champaign-Urbana. Today’s students conduct research in a quantum information lab. Recent graduates have received full tuition waivers at leading universities to pursue advanced studies in astrophysics, quantum optics, condensed matter, and more.

Graduate school preparation

A physics degree at GU equips you for success in a graduate school program.

Why GU


Learn more about the Society of Physics Students


Learn more about the Society of Physics Students


Science that informs faith; faith that informs science. Learn from professors whose Christian faith and science intertwine.


Work with advanced instrumentation. Gain valuable hands-on experience in quantum information and nanotech labs. Add research and presentation experience to your resume.


3/2 program. In addition to the BSE program, GU also offers a 3/2 dual-degree program with Washington University in which you:

1. Transfer to Wash U after 3 years at GU. 
2. Receive a BA from GU after a year at Wash U. 
3. Complete your BS in engineering after your second year at Wash U. 

GU students who enroll in this engineering school boast a completion rate of 98%.

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Physics, BA Success Story

Success Stories

Ultimately, the environment and opportunities present at GU lead to success, and I am blessed to have been a piece of that reality.

-Collin Kessinger

Physics, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.



Areas of Study

Engineering 3-2 Dual Degree Program

According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, engineering is projected to be one of the top five areas of employment for the next decade. If you have been prepared by your high school education in writing, communications, mathematics and science, you should be ready to move into the college level courses. You will have to study a lot, but anything worth doing requires some effort. The payback occurs in career satisfaction. The engineering profession ranks in the upper 15% among the 250 types of work endeavors.

Dual Degree with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Engineering School at UIUC ranks number 6 overall in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. The Dual Degree (3-2) program results in a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Chemistry or Biology from Greenville University and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from UIUC.

Dual Degree with Washington University in St. Louis

The Engineering School at Washington University in St. Louis is ranked number 14 overall according to U.S. News and Word Report. This Dual Degree (3-2) program results in a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Chemistry or Biology from Greenville University and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Washington University.

Benefits of the 3/2 Program

  1. Successful completion of Greenville's engineering program, with an appropriate GPA, guarantees admission to top quality engineering schools for the remaining two years.
  2. Receive personal attention in the math and physics courses that provide the backbone of any engineering program.
  3. Gain exposure to the many engineering opportunities before making a final commitment to a specific field.
  4. Remain flexible in your career options by starting with the practical, broad- natured pre-engineering courses that prepares one for many fields.
  5. Obtain two degrees -- a liberal arts degree in addition to an engineering degree. Employers seek graduates with a broad background to better adapt to our constantly changing society.
  6. Spend three years at a campus where Christian principles and values are taught and practiced.

International Students

Greenville University works alongside Yenching Elite Education as our premier partner in China for recruiting qualified Chinese students into its engineering dual-degree program. Yenching Elite Education focuses on providing access to our “Pathways Programs” designed to assist Chinese students upon graduating from high school. Students completing a one-year Pathway Program enjoy a curriculum focused on English language development and additional coursework to prepare them for attending the school’s four-year degree program. Yenching Elite Education also collaborates to find top students interested in pursuing our Engineering Dual Degree (3:2) partnerships with University of Illinois and Washington University

Engineering Triple Degree Program

Triple Degree (3-3) program graduates will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Chemistry or Biology from Greenville College, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering from Washington University. The GRE is not required for admission. Generous scholarships are available for both domestic and international students including 50 percent of tuition during the first year, 55 percent of tuition during the second year and 60 percent of tuition during the third and final year of a student's enrollment at Washington University.