Bachelor of Science
Music Industry Studies

Music Industry Studies is a collaborative and hands on major that teaches each student how to work on a team that puts on live productions, studio recordings, and other musical events.

Students in GU's Music Industry Studies program work towards a common goal of production by understanding a broad-based set of skills, allowing them to be competent in several areas including recording, audio engineering, and technical skills to become invaluable professionals in the music industry. This program provides students with the opportunity to write and perform songs, as well as, produce and engineer both live and studio performances.

Be a studio recording engineer, run live sound or lighting for concerts. Perform, be a recording artist or songwriter. Produce audio for TV, movies or video games. GU prepares you to do it! 

The Music industry studies (MIS) foundation includes studio recording, live audio production, lighting design, commercial music performance, Audio Postproduction, Game Audio Design and a thorough understanding of the music industry. Get hands-on experience in state-of-the-art studios and multiple performance venues. Small production companies let you work in the company, record for the company, and grow to be producer and finally run the company. Study the music industry for a semester in Nashville, TN with GU’s partner the Contemporary Music Center - Nashville and get immersive industry experiences. Get personalized attention from caring professors and industry pros committed to making you the best you can be.  

GU has produced alumni artists like Grammy Award winner Andre Anjos (RAC), Jars of Clay, Paper Route, and Augustana. Check out original songs and videos produced by GU’s MIS students. 

Graduates from GU have worked at major companies like Universal Music Group, innovative companies like CTS, and in-house teams at large companies like the production team at Ramsey Solutions. We have GU grads living in all of the major musics hubs in the US including the Nashville area. 

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Audio Engineering
Hands-on engagement day 1! Practice your craft with 24/7 access to recording studios with Pro Tools and Logic. Produce industry standard music in state-of-the-art studios with projects courses where you engineer, produce, write, and perform. Don’t just learn about audio engineering, engineer and produce it!
Commercial Music Performance

Learn to perform, write songs, use digital media and gain excellent technical skills. Compose songs guided by award-winning songwriters; perform live with bands, record in state-of-the-art studios and advance as both performer and engineer. Learn how to be an independent artist. Each semester be part of a Producers Group working with a Producer, main and assistant engineers, live audio and lighting designers. Don’t just ‘learn’ what it means to be a performer, be one at GU!


Playground Productions, GU’s student led production company combines all areas of MIS (studio, live audio, songwriting, performing, promotion, touring) to produce real music industry projects. Don’t just learn what it takes to be in the music industry. Show you’ve done it at GU.

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Why GU


Student work. See what GU’s MIS students are working on right now. Click here for videos and original songs.


Christ-centered. Integrate Christian values as you pursue your craft. 


A complete picture of the industry. GU’s production company, Playground Productions, is the centerpiece of the MIS degree where all areas of MIS (studio, live audio, songwriting, performing, promotion, touring) come together.

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Music Industry Studies, BS Success Story

Success Stories

GU grads can be found running live audio or working with Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Blue Man Group, Georgia Florida Line, Sam Hunt, KJ52, Building 429 and many others. GU alums have received numerous Dove Award nominations and alumnus Andre Anjos is a Grammy Award winner for his remixing work.

GU grads work in companies like Universal Music Group, Capital Christian Music, Sony, CTS Audio (Nashville), Sweetwater Sound, Ironman Sound (St. Louis) and in high-level positions in churches all across the nation.

Music Industry Studies, BS Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

Areas of Study

Commercial Music Performance Concentration

Live Audio/Lighting Concentration

Studio Engineer/Producer Concentration