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Mathematics at Greenville University 

Mathematics at Greenville University prepares students for many different callings. Our emphasis on precise deductive thought, problem solving, careful communication, and work with technology prepares you to move comfortably into many fields.

Some graduates of our mathematics program pursue graduate work in mathematics and some pursue teaching. Yet an even greater number head into diverse fields such as telecommunications, computing, medicine, the aerospace industry, statistics, accounting, and actuarial science.

Double majoring in mathematics and most any other major is possible, leading to even more powerful preparation for what and where you are being called. Mathematics graduates have also been successful as ministers, professional artists, lawyers, and coaches. 


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Pursue your purpose
Prepare for work in scientific research, the actuarial field, teaching, the computer industry, and more. Strong math skills also benefit those in business, psychology, and the social sciences.
Alumni success

Graduates of GU’s mathematics program work for companies like Boeing, Caterpillar, EDS, Southwestern Bell, Dow Chemical, American States Insurance, Lockheed-Martin, and more. Many students obtain summer research positions with governmental agencies and universities and accept assistantships in good graduate schools like Iowa State University, the University of Illinois and Mizzou.


"Our mathematics and mathematics education graduates find jobs. As the department chair for the last 19 years, I only know of one graduate who waited longer than 6 months to find employment or enter graduate school."- Dr. George Peters, Department Chair of Mathematics

Why GU


Education for character. Both in the classroom and through interactions outside of it, building character is a high priority for the mathematics program.


Research opportunities. In mathematics and in the sciences, there are summer undergraduate research opportunities for mathematics majors.


Face-to-face. Through small classes and regular office hours, you'll have nearly unlimited access to our well-trained mathematics faculty.

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Mathematics, BA Success Story

Success Stories

"Greenville University in general and the mathematics program specifically prepared me to be successful in the world from a career perspective. But even more importantly they prepared me to live a good life, care for others, and sacrifice myself for Christ's sake."

Mathematics, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The mathematics major leads to a bachelor of arts degree and requires 33 credits of mathematics and computer science courses.