Jewish Christian Studies Minor

One of the most unique and experiential programs on campus, the JCS program offers students the opportunity to study Judaism and Christianity’s interconnected past, present, and future through an intense study of the Bible, its culture of origin, and the modern communities that cherish it.

Deepen your own faith through challenging encounters and unique coursework that seeks to inspire students with the Christian vocation of restoration and reconciliation, known as “repair of the world” (Tikkun olam) in Judaism.

With a network of established relationships locally and faculty with 10+ years living, studying, and teaching in Israel, students will have access to unique resources and can tailor their educational experience to support their vocation.

For a Jewish Christian Studies Minor you will be required to take 15 credit hours in the Philosophy and Theology department. 

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Experiential and Practical
Build relationships with Jewish community members, participate in educational programming around the Jewish holidays, study with rabbis, visit synagogues, and develop skills to relate empathetically and productively across historic social barriers.
Global Vocation

The skills students learn in the Jewish Christina Studies minor prepare them to thrive in a globalized world. So far, our students have majored in social work, business, digital media, theology and ministry, criminal justice, and history and political science.

Study Abroad

Study abroad in Israel for a semester or travel with classmates for a 3-week intensive study of biblical history, geography, and archeology.

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Jewish Christian Studies Minor Course Requirements

For a Shapiro Jewish-Christian Studies Minor you will be required to take 15 credit hours in the Philosophy/ Theology department. 


HIST/THEO 245 Jews, Christians, Muslims
HIST/THEO 345 History of Judaism
PHIL/THEO World Religions 

Distributed: two of the following Upper-Divisions BIBLE/THEO Courses

BIBLE 321 Pentateuch
BIBL 322 Prophets
BIBLE 370 Wisdom and Poetic Literature
HIST/THEO 370 History and Geography of Biblical Settings (Israel Trip)


Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.