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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies at Greenville University 

When students learn they can construct their own major with our interdisciplinary studies major, some ask, "What's the catch?" There isn’t one! You plan a course of study with a professor in your area of interest and follow that well-charted path all the way to graduation.

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Pursue your passions
Create your own major and explore what interests you.
Personal support
Your adviser helps you tailor a rigorous, in-depth curriculum to fit your needs. Professors, all experts in their fields, guide your learning every step of the way.
Stand out
Stand out as a unique candidate for your career or graduate school with this individualized major.

Why GU


Made-to-order studies.  Do you have a unique learning goal? Is your heart set on a specific career niche? The interdisciplinary studies major offers you specialized education that fits your needs.


Individual attention. A small student/faculty ratio means your advisor has time to invest in you and your educational plan.


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 

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Interdisciplinary Studies, BA Success Story

Success Stories

Every employer who has actually hired me were impressed by my degree in storytelling. They were impressed that I created my own degree.

-Andy Mills, interdisciplinary studies: storytelling major

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

Interdisciplinary studies offers students an opportunity to design a uniquely personalized college program. It is particularly useful to students who want to take advantage of the interdisciplinary strengths of Greenville's liberal arts curriculum. Course requirements are determined on an individual basis as you plan the major with a professor.