Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement

Greenville University's ESL program provides online courses to prepare you to teach English to individuals of whom English is not their primary language. You will also complete 100 hours of field experience needed to meet Illinois State Board of Education requirements for ESL approval/endorsement. The program consists of seven courses:

  • Linguistics for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Methods and Materials for Teachers of English as a Second Language
  • Theoretical Foundations of Second Language Development and Teaching
  • Assessment and Evaluation for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Equity in School and Society
  • Clinical Experience for Teaching English as a Second Language
    • This course will provide a 100-hour clinical experience in an ESL classroom environment. The ESL teacher will demonstrate techniques and strategies through authentic classroom experiences. These planned and supervised experiences must be worked out among the faculty coordinator, on-site supervisor, and student.

D2L, Greenville University's online learning management system, will be utilized for communication purposes, discussion boards, and online interaction beginning the first scheduled day of class. Once enrolled, students will receive login information for this system. Click here for the log in screen.

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Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement Course Requirements

Course Descriptions

ESL Endorsement Course Descriptions (.pdf)

ESL Endorsement Schedule


Spring 2019

  • 01/21/2019-03/17/2019 ENGL519.OLA1 Assessment and Evaluation for TESL
  • 01/21/2019-05/12/2019 ENGL520.OL1 Clinical Experience for TESL
  • 03/18/2019-05/12/2019 EDUC574.OLB1 Equity in School and Society
  • 03/18/2019-05/12/2019ENGL518.OLB1 Cross-Cultural Studies for TESL

Summer 2019

  • 05/13/2019-07/02/2019 ENGL514.OLA1 Theoretical Foundations for TESL
  • 07/03/2019-08/25/2019 ENGL517.OLB1 Methods and Materials for TESL

Fall 2019

  • 08/26/2019-10/20/2019 ENGL515.OLA1 Linguistics for TESL

The state of Illinois may require additional coursework for any educational endorsement.  Students should contact their Regional Office of Education for a transcript review to determine which courses they need to fulfill the full endorsement.  Students will also contact their Regional Office of Education to make application for having the endorsement added to their current teaching certificate.  An official Greenville University transcript will be required.  See this website for information about how to request an official Greenville University transcript after your grades are posted: http://www.greenville.edu/academics/transcript.html.


Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.