English, BA

Bachelor of Arts

English at Greenville University 

Explore the “literary life” and build professional and creative skills in a faith-based environment as you pursue a bachelor of arts in English. Write for publications like The Vista magazine, The Papyrus digital newspaper, The Scriblerus literary magazine, and Pod Lab, a platform for podcast production. Prepare for global citizenship as a critical thinker, careful reader, arts advocate, and dedicated professional. 

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Build your portfolio
Opportunities to publish at Greenville University are unparalleled. Build your portfolio and resume by contributing to campus publications.

Enjoy mentoring from professors who actively work as novelists, actors, and playwrights. GU’s 11:1 student to faculty ratio ensures that faculty know and care for you.

Paid positions

Greenville University is proud to offer select paid media positions for students as editors, designers, and podcast producers. Technical positions at The Factory Theatre are also available.

Why GU


Express yourself. We provide the resources you need to hone your creativity. Take part in immersive performances in our campus park; perform plays like a rendition of Romeo and Juliet set in 90’s Greenville College; or create ‘zines, podcasts, or web portfolios.


Unparalleled publication opportunities. Student publications offer you the chance to write in various literary forms, including online news, feature articles, fiction and nonfiction prose, poetry, podcast scripts, and more.


Leadership opportunities. Serve as an editor or producer as you advance in the program and gain valuable experience for a career in an English-related field.

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English, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

A liberal arts English major requires completion of 33 credits in English, exclusive of composition. The student, in close collaboration with his or her advisor, has latitude in determining which English courses beyond the core may be chosen to meet the 33 required credits. However, certain restrictions apply. No more than 10 credits earned through production and practicum courses (ENGL 231/331, 235/335, 238/338, 405) may be applied to the 33 credits required. Students anticipating graduate work in English should be aware that a reading knowledge of a foreign language is frequently required. The English major leads to a bachelor of arts degree.