Driver Education Coursework

Greenville University offers a portion of the coursework needed to apply for the Driver Education Endorsement in the state of Illinois. This series of coursework satisfies 15 credits of the 24 credits required for the Driver Education Endorsement in the state of Illinois. All coursework is offered online* to complement your busy schedule.

  • General Safety (3 credits)
  • Basic Driver Education (3 credits)
  • Advanced Driver Education (3 credits, also requires 4 clock hours of field experience)*
  • Teaching Driver Education (3 cr)
  • Defensive Driving (3 cr) 

Contact your Regional Office of Education to determine if you have met the remaining 9 credits required for the Driver Education Endorsement.

These courses alone will not suffice for a Driver Education endorsement. Additional coursework may be required.

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Driver Education Coursework Course Requirements

Course Descriptions

Driver Education Course Descriptions (.pdf)

The state of Illinois requires additional coursework for the Driver Education Endorsement. The full Driver Education endorsement requires 24 semester hours/12 upper division hours. The courses listed below only partially fulfill the endorsement.  Please review this information sheet for full details:

Safety and Driver Education Endorsement Information Sheet (.pdf)

Course Schedules

Spring 2018:

  • PHED 143.OLA1 General Safety 01/21/2019-03/17/2019
  • PHED 343.OLB1 Basic Driver Education 03/18/2019-05/12/2019
  • PHED 344.OLA1 Advanced Driver Education 01/21/2019-03/17/2019
  • PHED 345.OLA1 Teaching Driver Education 01/21/2019-03/17/2019
  • PHED 346.OLB1 Defensive Driving 03/18/2019-05/12/2019

Students will contact their Regional Office of Education to make application for having the endorsement added to their current teaching license.  An official Greenville University transcript will be required.  See this website for information about how to request an official Greenville University transcript after your grades are posted

Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.