Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice at Greenville University 

This program provides a Christ-centered approach to the study of criminal justice and will prepare you for a career in the criminal justice system or for continued studies in graduate school or law school. Society relies on an effective criminal justice system; you’ll learn to use your God-given talents to provide professional and Christ-centered contributions within this exciting and important field.

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Field activities give you experience
Learn in settings like law enforcement agencies, court house experiences, law firms, social work agencies, public and private children's homes, homes for the delinquent, mental and penal institutions, probation and parole agencies, juvenile courts, low-income urban areas, and depressed rural areas suffering from significant substance abuse and other social problems.
Professors with experience

GU's criminal justice professors have expert knowledge and practical experience working in the criminal justice system. That means you get a practical and informed education.

Multiple disciplines

You'll focus on the practical fields within the criminal justice system while you also learn aspects of social work, sociology, psychology, and research methods to prepare you for graduate school. Grow in your understanding of the criminal justice system, including its impact and intersections.

Why GU


Experiential learning. Prepare for work within the criminal justice system. Attain a better understanding of specified criminal justice jobs though internships. You’ll be better prepared for job searches, interviews, and your career. 


Christ-centered. Grow in your faith and become well-suited for the work and challenges professionals in the criminal justice system may face. 


Personalized attention. Experience personal growth and plan your career under the guidance of faculty who know your name and cheer your success. GU’s low 11:1 student/faculty ratio and community atmosphere allow professors to invest in their students, and know your strengths and abilities in the field of social work.

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Criminal Justice, BS Success Story

Success Stories

Dr. Watterson and Dr. Beans took the time to explain and engage in psychological discussions. Professor Laughlin hired me as his student assistant and gave me assignments that resembled those I'd see in graduate school to better prepare me. The list goes on and on! So many people from Greenville University have impacted me.

-Sam Barnhart, Criminal Justice major

Criminal Justice, BS Course Requirements

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