Chemistry, BA

Bachelor of Arts

Chemistry at Greenville University 

Chemistry is everywhere. Every technical field involved in research and product development relies on chemistry in some way. Learn to connect the disciplines of physics, geology, environmental science, biology, and medicine in this holistic degree program. Gain the skills and knowledge you need for your career or graduate school.

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Graduate school preparation
The sciences at Greenville University offer "medical school" opportunities in an intimate environment. Within one year of graduation, more than 70% of our graduates report they are attending graduate school or have gained employment related to their majors. Students appreciate the one-on-one access to professors and low faculty to student ratio.
Hands-on Experiences

At GU, you'll learn by doing, especially in the chemistry lab. You will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and can seek out real-world problems to explore. 


Gain access to state-of-the-art equipment and labs starting your freshman year.

Why GU


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 


Personalized attention. Experience personal growth and plan your career under the guidance of faculty who know your name and cheer your success. GU’s low 11:1 student/faculty ratio and community atmosphere allow professors to invest in their students, and know your strengths and abilities in the field of social work.


Faith-based. Learn to incorporate your faith into both your studies and your career. 

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Chemistry, BA Success Story

Success Stories

I decided to come to GU because I love the community here. I was surrounded by great people who really invested in me and always pushed me to be greater than I formerly was. -Johnny Milabu

Chemistry, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The chemistry major requires a minimum of 30 credits in chemistry plus 22 credits in math and physics. Students with a double major in biology and chemistry may substitute CHM 310 and 315 for CHM 321 and 322 and a mathematics requirement of MTH 113 or 115 or equivalent. It is recommended that students take CHM 315, 342, 351, 401 and a computer programming course. The chemistry major leads to the bachelor of arts degree.

 *For the authoritative source on academic requirements and courses, please consult the academic catalog.


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