News - Update on Spring Break

Update on Spring Break

Based on COVID-19 testing data, student feedback, and updated CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health policies, Greenville University is making changes to Spring Break 2021.

Instead of one week off during the month of March, GU will spread out those five days across the spring semester to reduce everyone leaving campus and returning at the same time.  


Along with Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Common Day of Learning (April 27) and Reading Day (May 5), GU students will have the following five days off:

  • Tuesday, February 2

  • Wednesday, February 17

  • Thursday, March 4

  • Friday, March 19

  • Monday, April 19


Officials made the changes as it was decided as the safest option for the campus community. While GU had success containing the virus after Thanksgiving, there are a few differences during the spring semester:

1.  Students travel more broadly in the spring rather than in the fall when they return home to family,

2. There were only two weeks remaining after fall break. After Spring Break there’s still half a semester to go.

3. COVID positive numbers were reduced after Thanksgiving because GU gave students the option to return to campus for the remaining two weeks, so there were fewer students on campus. The full student body would return after spring break.

This story was published on January 04, 2021