News - Students Benefit When You #GiveGreenville

Students Benefit When You #GiveGreenville

Meet eight students whom you helped attend G.U. through your generosity!


GG opportunity

Dereio Jones ’20, Business Management

By supporting The Greenville University Fund, you gave Dereio the opportunity he needed to take a seat in the classroom without breaking the bank. “Scholarships helped me get in [at G.U.] and stay in, because the out-of-state tuition is high,” he says. “Scholarships fuel me to always strive for good grades.”

Why Dereio Chose Greenville:  Dereio was ready to return to school after a short break, and G.U.’s football program proved a great fit.

Future Plans: Dereio hopes to utilize his business management skills to sell his own brand of apparel after college, and dreams of founding a football and basketball training camp for young athletes to help them “reach the collegiate level [in sports] like I did.”

His Take On Donor Generosity: “The Greenville University Fund keeps a lot of students enrolled.” 


Gabe Carter ’22, Environmental Biology, History & Political Science

You’ve granted Gabe hands-on experience in his field through G.U.’s summer science research program, which pairs students with faculty mentors for research projects lasting six to eight weeks. This experience is critical for Gabe’s future, as STEM graduate programs and industry jobs increasingly expect formal research on an undergrad’s resume.

Why Gabe Chose Greenville: G.U. offered a Christ-centered education with an affordable price tag.

Future Plans: Gabe looks forward to graduate school followed by a career with the government addressing environmental concerns.

His Take On Donor Generosity: “Knowing the Greenville University Fund is there, supporting me and other students, helps relieve some of the pressures of a strenuous college life.”

Give peace of mind

Katie Wolfram ’20, Exercise Science

Katie knows that life after college includes the responsibility to pay back student loans, so your support today gives her peace of mind about tomorrow. “Any chance I get to help alleviate the severity of that debt is important to me,” she says.

Why Katie Chose Greenville: Greenville delivered on three qualities Katie wanted in a university: Christian discipleship, a strong basketball program and a Midwestern atmosphere to counter the fast-paced city life she grew up with.

Future Plans: Katie plans to become a physical therapist and specialize in treating athletes. 

Her Take On Donor Generosity: “Knowing that donors are out there giving their own money to help me, among other students, is something I’m extremely grateful for.” 


Vanja Radulovic ’21, Business Management, Marketing

You deliver confidence-boosting opportunities to Vanja, who masters new skills, fields challenges and experiences encouragement from those who have “been there.” This happens even beyond the classroom. In his role as student worker for the Office of Advancement, he assists with office management tasks. “From the experiences I had at work, I became confident enough to move on to different and more complicated tasks,” Vanja says. He believes this will bolster his employability later.

Why Vanja Chose Greenville: He enjoys the integration of faith and education available at G.U.

Future Plans: Vanja hopes to launch a career in business.

His Take On Donor Generosity: “I feel blessed and really grateful that donors are so generous.”



Toni Watson ’19, Business Management

Top notch training, hands-on experience and individual attention from professors have inspired Toni to dream big. When she crosses the graduation stage this spring, she’ll possess more than a degree—she’ll possess a vision for the future that empowers her to enter graduate school with verve, thanks to your support!

Why Toni Chose Greenville: “Once I came to visit Greenville, I fell in love with the school!”

Future Plans: Toni anticipates pursuing a master’s degree in business. 

Her Take On Donor Generosity: “If it had not been for scholarships, I would not be here at Greenville U.” 



Faith Hohman ’19, History & Political Science, Criminal Justice

By helping Faith attend Greenville, you’ve gifted her with lifelong transformation. “Greenville has taught me so much about asking questions and finding deeper truth in the situations around me,” she says. “I think that can transfer to any career field.” 

Why Faith Chose Greenville: “When I came to campus as a preview student, I felt at home.”

Future Plans: Faith plans to gain work experience or possibly join the Peace Corps for a couple of years, then attend law school.

Her Take On Donor Generosity: “Donors make all the difference here at Greenville U. Everyone I know receives scholarships.”


GG Nick 

Nick Watterson ’20, Piano Performance

Nick studies music at G.U. while enjoying close proximity to his family and financial relief from the large debt he would incur at other institutions. With a foundation of musical training from the music department, Nick is open to a variety of potential career paths after grad school.

Why Nick Chose Greenville: Faculty in the music department, participation in the G.U. Choir and financial relief motivated him to attend.

Future Plans: Nick will pursue graduate studies in collaborative piano and conducting.

His Take On Donor Generosity: “The Greenville University Fund is great, and students are very grateful for the aid it provides.”


 GG Ruben

Ruben Basurto ’19, Business Management

Ruben needed to transfer to a school that offered robust scholarships and would accept most of the credits he’d already accrued at his former institution. Greenville University fit the bill. Thanks to your generosity, Ruben received an education that will serve as the foundation for future studies and a career path.

Why Ruben Chose Greenville: Ruben enjoys the friendly atmosphere and emphasis on community at Greenville University.

His Take On Donor Generosity: “I want [donors] to be aware that by their small decisions, they will change people’s lives.”

#GiveGreenville on April 24 and help more students achieve their goals.

This story was published on April 17, 2019

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