News - Profound Influence: GU and GU Alums Aid in Release of Favored Professor's Lectures

Profound Influence: GU and GU Alums Aid in Release of Favored Professor's Lectures

Former GU Professor of Religion Stanley Walters ’52 endeared himself to his studentsBasic-Christianity-Web.jpg during the 1960s. Alumni who look back on his introductory Bible and Culture class recall his influence as life-changing—so profound in fact, that several, with Walters' permission, put his lectures into print. They felt that today’s generation of truth seekers would benefit. 

The resulting book, Basic Christianity: Facts-Evidences-Reasons (Nineveh’s Crossing, 2018), debunks two false and prevailing ideologies in today's culture: (1) that the Christian faith is superstitious, unworthy of intelligent people; and (2) that reason (like the scientific method) discredits religious faith. 


Memorably Compelling: Reason, Evidence, Fact and Logic

Walters (at right), a scholar of archaeology and ancient languages, contends that Christianity requires reason and evidence to substantiate its factual and logical truth. His lectures make clear the historical, logical, textual, and archaeological evidences supporting Christian belief as truth.

Drawings by famed comic strip illustrator Johnny Hart (B.C. and The Wizard of Id) bring Walters’ arguments to life especially for high school and college-age audiences. 

Greenville University is proud to have supported the printing and promotion of Basic Christianity: Facts-Evidences-Reasons. Learn more about it, including video endorsements from GU alumni, at Nineveh’s Crossing website.

Enduring Inspiration: A Snapshot

One of Walters' former students, Frank Spina, now professor emeritus from Seattle Pacific University, recently recounted taking a seat in Walters’ class as a freshman:

“[Walters] was at that time a freshly minted PhD from Yale, and I just was smitten . . . smitten by him personally; he was articulate, he was elegant, he exuded intelligence . . .  within a week, I thought ‘I want to do what that person is doing.’”

Inspired, Spina went on to develop his own scholarship and teach 46 years at Seattle Pacific University. When an interviewer for Great Bible Teachers recently asked Spina to name an influential bible teacher in his own life, he immediately referred to Walters.

Listen here to Spina’s story of admiration and inspiration.   

A Celebration of Inspired Scholarship

Professors Stanley Walters and Frank Spina contributed to a collection of essays compiled by Greenville University. If you would like to know more about the festschrift (a celebration in writing) called My Name is Frank and That’s Who I AM: Essays in Honor of Frank H. Thompson, email [email protected]

This story was published on September 17, 2020

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