News - National Recognition Times Two for Senior Lindsay Burton

National Recognition Times Two for Senior Lindsay Burton

By Carla Morris


The National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) has recognized senior Lindsay Burton as the recipient of its 2018 Heart of Courage Award. The award honors Christian athletes who show courage in the midst of difficult circumstances while at the same time inspiring others to live out their faith.

Lindsay participates in women’s basketball at Greenville University.  

In the summer before her junior year, she became short of breath after regular workouts. Persistent fatigue moved her to consult physicians. Tests revealed that she suffered from pre-Lupus, a condition where the immune system attacks its own tissues.

The symptoms were varied and severe. Lindsay found she could not tolerate sunlight and she felt lethargic; her joints hurt, and she labored to breathe during activity that once seemed normal.

Tests also revealed that she suffered from early onset rheumatoid arthritis, an irregular heartbeat and pericarditis—inflamed tissue lining the heart. She would never play collegiate basketball again; the health risk was too great.

Unexpected Opportunity

Still, the devastating news presented an unexpected opportunity for influence. Lindsay—a future teacher and experienced peer tutor—translated her skills at explaining and encouraging others into helping coach the junior varsity team.Lindsay Burton Coach

Players said that she demonstrated full joy and modeled selfless encouragement; coaches said she propelled the program to new heights with a big heart and deep love that “changes people around her for the better.”

Lindsay’s formal nomination for the NCCAA award includes this testimony from her Panther colleagues: “We have never met a player that displays a heart of courage more than Lindsay—somewhat ironic, since it is the condition of her heart that meant she had to step into this role.”

Broader Influence Yet

Lindsay’s influence extends beyond the basketball court to students preparing for the edTPA assessment for teachers. Many states, including Illinois, require future teachers like Lindsay to pass the assessment. Lindsay’s stellar performance on the edTPA so impressed reviewers that the National Academy charged with implementing the assessment asked her permission to use her exemplary work in training videos.

By all accounts, Lindsay demonstrates character and service, key elements to Greenville University's mission. She will represent the University well when the NCCAA officially honors her May 31 in South Carolina.

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Lindsay Burton is the grateful recipient of donor-funded scholarships including the President’s Scholarship, the Greenville University Award and the Newton Fink Education Endowed Scholarship. Your gift to The Greenville University Fund helps students like Lindsay succeed. Click here to give.

This story was published on May 07, 2018

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