News - Greenville University plans for fall 2021 in-person classes

Greenville University plans for fall 2021 in-person classes

by Sarah Thomack

Greenville University plans to welcome students to campus for in-person classes in the fall. 

Greenville University remained one of the few institutions in the nation to safely offer in-person classes throughout the 2020-2021 school year, so there was little question that the institution would reopen to welcome students for fall 2021 classes. GU partnered with the University of Illinois to test all GU students, staff, and faculty weekly for COVID-19. The regular saliva tests allowed GU to contain spread of the virus. 

Testing through U of I will be available this fall. GU tentatively plans to conduct surveillance or symptomatic testing as needed.

“It’s impossible to predict what August will bring,” says Suzanne Davis, GU president. “The goal is to make sure students are safe, while maintaining the most normal college experience possible. We’ll follow guidelines, but we do anticipate the vaccine will change the COVID environment.”

In recent weeks, GU, through the Bond County Health Department, offered COVID vaccines to members of its campus community. Many students, staff, and faculty secured vaccinations. Ross Baker, dean of students, confirms that updates from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will continue to guide the University’s approach to testing and vaccines.

For more information about Greenville University’s COVID-19 response and updated testing results, click here.

This story was published on April 30, 2021