News - Greenville University moves to "Phase Green," zero COVID-19 cases

Greenville University moves to "Phase Green," zero COVID-19 cases

by Sarah Thomack

Saliva tests being prepared to be sent to the lab.

Greenville University is excited to announce a move to “phase green,” in addition to the news that it has been almost one month since a positive COVID-19 test on campus.

The fact that all students, faculty and staff participate in saliva testing at least once a week, makes a month’s worth of zero positive tests during in-person classes and athletic competition no small news. 

Having no positive tests played a large factor in GU’s COVID Committee making the decision to move to “phase green” for the first time this academic year. Phases identified by red, yellow or green were part of the detailed plan to return students to campus in August 2020. GU has moved between yellow and red phases since August, to control the spread of cases on campus. GU reports a total of 186 total unique positive cases since classes began in-person in August 2020.

Phase yellow moves to phase green when there are zero active cases on campus and the percentage of new cases reported in Bond County is declining.

On campus, green phase provides for expanded in-dorm visitation and larger group activities, while retaining safety protocols on campus. 

GU is grateful for its partnership with the University of Illinois and the ability to regularly test. The University is also grateful to faculty, staff, and students for their participation in keeping one another safe. 

“We are excited and proud of our students for keeping our campus safe,” says Ross Baker, GU dean of students. “Because of their commitment to wear their masks, social distance, and test regularly, we were able to move to green and it is exciting to be one step closer to “normal.””

For more information about Greenville University’s COVID-19 response and updated testing results, click here.

This story was published on March 31, 2021