News - Fall Semester Announcement

Fall Semester Announcement

Fall Semester Announcement

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As your new president, it is my pleasure to announce that we are in full preparation mode to welcome you back to campus for the start of in-person classes this fall, although with some necessary modifications to campus life. In preparation, we continue to work with our local hospital and health department. They have helped us with protocols to limit exposure to the virus. They will help us with proper treatment of any cases that develop. And they will be a big help in contact tracing if that becomes necessary. 

We feel blessed that, so far, our small town of Greenville and the surrounding county have seen a relatively small number of cases and there have been no cases reported on campus. Our hospital and the health department are standing ready with us to make the GU campus a safe place for students this fall.

I am looking forward with hope, but I also have GU’s senior administrators and faculty preparing for all possibilities, including a remote option if you can’t be in a classroom because of health concerns or travel restrictions. A second wave could interfere, and we have contingency plans in place for that. No matter what, we will provide continuous instruction for Fall 2020. 

As we prepare, I wanted you to be aware of our priorities:

  1. Personal, face-to-face, hands-on learning is still essential to a Greenville University campus education. The relationships between students and faculty, and the energy and connectivity that come from living and learning in a diverse community—those will continue to be important aspects of the GU campus experience.
  2. Safety for our students, taking necessary precautions to curb the spread of the Corona virus. We will continue to follow federal, state, and local guidelines about social distancing, stay at home orders, testing, and best practices with face masks, handwashing, and sanitizing surfaces.
  3. Our faculty and staff, our alumni, our parents, our friends have reached out to encourage GU students. They have given generously and specifically to help our students, especially those hit hardest by the crisis.
  4. GU is actively preparing for the return of students to campus. This fall, we will welcome you back to
    1. a new on-campus health service,
    2. a new sand volleyball court and patio near the Blackroom, in honor of Allyson Grabowski,
    3. a new center-campus workout facility in Burritt Gym,
    4. new patio seating at the Rocket Bowls restaurant in the remodeled SMART Center downtown, and
    5. a new sunny study and meeting space in JKL.
  5. We will be together for as many of our traditions as we can safely enjoy, and we will find new ways to connect as a community in the post-COVID era.

Our small size, flexibility, and innovative nature have served us well through the pandemic. With several more weeks to prepare, I am confident that GU students have a rich and rewarding educational experience ahead of them this fall.

We will continue to provide updated information at For additional questions, email [email protected].

With you,

Suzanne Davis

Acting President


This story was published on May 26, 2020

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