News - Fall RECORD showcases the trailblazers among us

Fall RECORD showcases the trailblazers among us

Call them what you will—trailblazers, groundbreakers, pioneers, explorers, discoverers—the innovators among us find a certain satisfaction in trying something new. This fall’s issue of The RECORD, just out, celebrates the innovative spirit, along with GU’s “innovator-in-chief,” President Suzanne Davis.


The feature “Breakthroughs: Faith-fueled Innovation For Times Like These” builds off of an observation from GU’s Chief Academic Officer Brian Hartley: “Presidents from across the country keep calling to discover how we’ve pulled off the last year-and-a-half.”

Trailblazing students highlighted throughout include:

  • Kate Arthur ’21, the first woman to graduate from GU’s engineering program;
  • Moriah Summers ’23 and Jenna Haselhorst ’23, who break new ground at every turn as they help launch a new program associated with GU’s new Women in Leadership scholarship;
  • Jeremy Whisenton, who initiated his own gummy bear business; and
  • Quinton Packer ’21, who melded his love for ministry with his love for anime to create something new on campus: anime devotions.

Be sure to view our tributes to beloved members of our university community, longtime university chaplain and professor Lori Gaffner, and former GU President Robert "Ish" Smith.

Check out the issue below.

This story was published on September 30, 2021