Life at GU - Mission


Greenville University empowers students for lives of character and service through a transforming Christ-centered education in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. 

For more than 125 years, students from all walks of life have benefited from GU’s mission-driven work. Equipped to think critically, solve problems, create, inspire, lead, and collaborate, they have channeled the salt and light of the gospel across the United States and around the world. 

Today’s graduates carry a blend of faith, learning, character, and service into the worlds of business, medicine, education, ministry, technology, financial services, science, music, among others. 

“Many experiences contributed to my development and growth as a person,” recalls GU grad Rebekah, now a social worker. “Chapel speakers, field trips, research projects, and friends—overall there is an atmosphere that promotes unique experiences and depth. All of my professors were caring people who made me feel seen as a person and worth investing in.”