2020 Virtual Commencement

Sunday, October 18th @ 2 pm

Watch Live on YouTube here!

Read the program here.

With rising COVID-19 numbers in Illinois and flu season approaching, it will be difficult for us to safely and responsibly host events with anyone outside of the immediate on-campus GU community. 

As you may have heard, we are in a testing partnership with University of Illinois SHIELD Program. Every student, staff, and faculty member is required to be test weekly. 

As we would not be able to test everyone at the graduation ceremony and obtain immediate results, we cannot take the risk of exposing our current students, staff, and faculty and jeopardizing the remainder of their semester. Likewise, we cannot take the risk of exposing you or your families who have worked so hard for this milestone achievement. We must consider the safety of current students and their families equally at such a time as this.  

Our hope will be to provide a separate graduation ceremony in May 2021 for any 2020 graduate who would like to return for the ceremony, provided we can host an event of this size by May. It is very difficult to plan ahead for large-scale events in this environment.