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The following tools are available to students and alumni through the Career and Calling Development Office. Alumni may be charged a fee for some tools.

The Gallup StrengthsQuest has been used at Greenville University since 2000. It assesses an individual's top five talent themes out of an array of thirty-four possible themes. Once completed you can explore action items and strategies for growing these talents to excel in academic, career and personal endeavors.  

All students complete the StrengthsQuest assessment as part of COR 101 or COR 301. Alumni interested in taking the assessment will be charged the cost of the access code. To request an access code please contact the office.

Information about the history of Gallup's StrengthsQuest at Greenville University may be found here.

What Can I Do With This Major is a resource developed by the University of Tennessee that provides detailed information helpful connecting a college major to specific professional fields and types of employers.  It also includes information and strategies for maximizing your potential alignment of current major with a future job.


Contact the Office of Career Services!

Kelli Pryor, Coordinator of Career Services
[email protected]

Or visit us on the main floor of the Ruby E. Dare Library, Room 228

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