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Student Safety & Security Internship

Job posted on August 06, 2020

Contact Information

Organization: Greenville University Campus Safety & Security

Contact Person: Renea Barnes

Phone Number: 618.664.7118

Email: [email protected]

Job Description

Part time unpaid internship. Description: Students will support GU Safety and Security professional staff in the daily operations of GU Safety and Security. Job duties may include answering the phone, dispatching officers by radio or phone, unlocking rooms/buildings, keeping detailed/accurate records, and patrolling GU campus. Required Qualifications: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, honest, able to treat all persons with respect and care, able to maintain detailed records, efficient, logical, able to follow established protocols, and' able to "think on your feet". Able to climb stairs and walk across GU's main campus numerous times per night, if needed. Basic phone, computer, and office skills expected. Position start date: August 24, 2020.

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