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Special Education Teachers

Job posted on September 29, 2020

Contact Information

Organization: Cahokia Unit School District #187

Contact Person: Tiffany Pearce

1700 Jerome Lane
Cahokia, IL

Phone Number: 618-332-5660

Email: [email protected]


Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION Classroom Teacher Reports to: Department Chairperson Assistant Principal Principal Qualifications: Certification in the State of Illinois RESPONSIBILITIES/JOB DESCRIPTION WITH PERFORMANCE INDICATORS TEACHING PROCEDURES 1) Different types of instructional techniques are used within the classroom. 2) Demonstrates the ability to focus on and utilize current events in learning situations. 3) Varies motivational techniques to hold pupil’s attention in the classroom. 4) Display skill in questioning to elicit appropriate student response. 5) Makes effective use of required and supplemental instructional materials. 6) Uses positive reinforcement to encourage learning on the part of students. 7) Introduces lessons effectively. 8) Conducts summaries and reviews in an effective manner. 9) Maintains a balance of teacher/pupil participation and interaction. 10) Demonstrates the ability to communicate with students by giving clear, explicit directions and explanations. 11) Constructs tests which measure skills taught in classroom based upon the goals and objectives of the lesson. 12) Teacher establishes appropriate lesson plans and class presentations for the age level and grade under instruction. 13) Guides pupils into efficient study habits. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT 1) Teacher presents evidence of having a classroom management plan. 2) Teacher communicates to students what the expectations are as concerns: a. rules of the classroom. b. cooperation and participation in classroom activities and discussions. c. classroom assignments and/or homework. 3) Teacher handles routine problems within his/her classroom utilizing the classroom management plan. 4) Neatness and orderliness are in evidence in the classroom. 5) Teacher demonstrates concern for the care of district-owned educational materials and equipment. 6) Teacher evinces good judgment in sending students to the office. LESSON PREPARATION 1) Lesson plans are in evidence and well planned. 2) Lesson materials are organized in an orderly fashion. 3) A variety of instruction materials is used. 4) Evidence of varied activities which account for individual differences. 5) Objectives are apparent from lesson plans. 6) Consistency of lesson planning is in evidence STUDENT RESPONSE TO CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION 1) The general classroom climate is of such nature that students can attend to and participate in the lesson presentation. 2) Class group settings are used on occasion to introduce new topics, concepts, or generalized studies. Students are attentive, but opportunities are allowed for class discussion and interaction. 3) Students are given an opportunity to work independently on meaningful tasks that derive from and contribute to the planned activities of the group. 4) Students may be observed working among different instructional or activity areas and appear to be actively involved in learning. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES 1) Makes a neat, professional, and personal appearance. 2) Exhibits personal qualities in the classroom which promote a good learning climate. 3) Gives evidence of the ability to adapt to the changing social climate of his/her classroom as it occurs. 4) Evinces enthusiasm for the pupil in his/her classroom. 5) Voice inflections are appropriate for given classroom setting. 6) Evinces a sense of humor when appropriate in the classroom setting. 7) Exhibits proper English usage in the classroom. 8) Maintains poise and self-control in the classroom. 9) Shows empathetic understanding for pupil concerns. PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTES 1) Gives evidence of enthusiasm for teaching. 2) Maintains a cooperative attitude toward the school setting. 3) Exhibits dependability and punctuality while fulfilling teaching obligations. 4) Exhibits mature judgment when dealing with students. 5) Projects tact and courtesy in his/her classroom setting and in dealing with parents. 6) Shows persistence and initiative in striving to improve his/her teaching techniques. 7) Attains the respect of his/her students in the classroom. 8) Works to get along with fellow colleagues. 9) Strives to develop a positive line of communication between teacher, student, and parent. 10) Exhibits professionalism in his/her conduct in all school settings. 11) Is sensitive to the need for keeping confidential information. 12) Assumes responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to school. 13) Exercises responsibility for student management, both in the buildings and on school grounds. 14) Assumes necessary non-instructional responsibilities. Required Qualifications Teacher Certification Full Time Salary/Pay Rate $46,581 with TRS included Application Deadline 07-28-2021 Position Start Date 09-30-2020


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