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911 Operator - Part Time

Job posted on October 21, 2020

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Organization: City of Greenville, IL


Job Description

911 Operator/Dispatcher DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF WORK: Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of tasks relative to efficacious communications operations; prepares and maintains all necessary reports, records, and files; operates radio/telephone equipment for the transmittal of clear text messages. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK: 1. Receives, dispatches, and monitors radio and telephone equipment in responding to incoming calls for police, fire and rescue services; registers nature of call, location, time of incident, and other relevant data; dispatches appropriate department personnel and equipment. 2. Enters and retrieves information utilizing the Department's computer system; compiles summary information as request; maintains log of all activities and incoming calls occurring during shift. 3. Operates the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS), radio, or telephone in entering and retrieving data concerning wanted persons, license plates, vehicles, guns and other missing/stolen property and uniform crime reports. 4. Conducts periodic tests of burglar, fire, weather and civil defense alarms; monitors same and dispatches appropriate department personnel as warranted by situation. 5. Compiles, completes, and maintains accurate/concise files and reports of revocations, suspensions, business/industry telephone numbers, and various other local information resources which expedite and facilitate the provision of city services. 6. Receives walk-in public requesting information/assistance and directs to appropriate authority; responds to requests for routine information. 7. Female 911 operators assist officers by searching females in custody for contraband items. 8. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above. DESIRABLE REQUIREMENTS: Education (Requires):  Knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to the completion of four years of high school or comparable education, training and/or experience. Experience (Requires):  Successful completion of 911 certification training within a reasonable period of employment.  Elementary knowledge of radio/telephone operating requirements and techniques.  Elementary knowledge of police and fire operations and procedures.  Elementary knowledge of the street system and geography of the City of Greenville.  Good diction and a clear voice. Significant Responsibilities (Requires ability to:)  Think clearly and quickly in emergency situations.  Deal courteously and effectively with the general public.  Prepare, maintain and forward all requisite records, reports, and files.  Type at an acceptable rate of speed.  Understand and follow varied verbal and written instructions.  Log information accurately and rapidly.  Receive on-the-job training.  Read, extract and accurately communicate relevant material from various reference manuals relative to police/fire operations.  Work with records, files and verbal information which require the employment of confidentiality.  Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.  Establish and maintain congenial working relationships with city employees, external law enforcement officials, and the general public.


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