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Volleyball Game Day Crew Members

Job posted on August 24, 2021

Contact Information

Organization: Greenville University

Contact Person: Nick Corrigan, Head Men's Volleyball Coach

Email: [email protected]

Job Description

Multiple Student Work Positions-Crew Members. Gameday Jobs: Line Judging, Ball Shagging, Scoreboard, Libero Tracker, Scoresheet. Job Descriptions: The game day crew is an integral part of the Greenville Volleyball experience. Crew members must be available for most of Greenville University Varsity and JV home games. The crew is required to show up to volleyball events 30 minutes early to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities and referees. Staff will be required to wear Greenville University attire. Staff will be assigned to jobs based on preference and ability. Line judges must have an understanding of how volleyball works. Line judges will be required to participate in refereeing the volleyball match (ins and outs, touches, etc.). Line judges will be put in the occasional high-pressure situations. Ball shaggers will be required to sit adjacent to the court and provide servers with volleyball and retrieve balls that ricochet throughout the gym. Scoreboard will be in charge of keeping score, timeouts, sets played, and timeout clock. Libero tracking requires knowledge of what a libero is, NCAA libero tracking sheets, and volleyball serve and serve receive rotations. Scoresheet workers will need to understand how to fill out NCAA scoresheets. They will be responsible for keeping track of score, timeouts, yellow and red cards, sets won and lost, sets played, etc. If you are interested, but may not have the skills available, we will teach you to make sure you are comfortable doing your job.
Application Deadline: September 3, 2021

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