Campus Safety - MRSA

Understanding MRSA 

Due to the nature of college settings, it is not uncommon for schools to face an occurrence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). In order to keep our students as safe and healthy as possible, Greenville University is taking a proactive approach to reducing the threat of MRSA on our campus.

The following are steps the university is taking to reduce this threat:

  • Paper towels and spray anti-microbial are at all weight lifting stations.
  • Staff (wearing gloves) will spray and wipe down equipment every hour.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all high traffic areas, and more are continually being added.
  • Towels and laundry left unattended in the Fitness Center for extended periods of time will be thrown away.
  • Residence Life Staff will have informal inspections during evening rounds and all towels/laundry left unattended for extended periods of time will be thrown away.
  • All athletes will be encouraged to have all wounds, scrapes, and cuts inspected by a trainer.
  • Trainers will hold education workshops on this topic.
  • All athletes will be encouraged to shower before entering the Dining Commons.
  • Posters outlining CDC recommendations will be hung in locker rooms and residence hall bathrooms.
  • All jerseys and athletic equipment will be sprayed with an anti-microbial spray that lasts for 60 washes.
  • Circulation fans and new washing machines were added at the Fitness Center.
  • Improved communication and reporting processes developed between an athletic trainer and community life.

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