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Giving to Greenville University - Financial Champions

Financial Champions

On behalf of students, faculty and staff at Greenville University, thank you for your financial support. Your gifts empower a Christ-centered education for our students.

Fiscal Year 2019 Financial Champions

For recognition of donors giving $100 or more, see the President's Report edition of The RECORD, below. Click here to view a list of donors who gave $1 to $99 and here to view a list of corporations, organizations, and churches that gave during FY2019, including churches that participated in GU's matching scholarship program for churches.

Join Greenville University's Faithful Financial Champions!

To recognize the generosity of financial champions who contribute at leadership levels, we have established several giving societies. Make your gift today to become a part of a giving society.

Heritage Circle

Members of the Heritage Circle invest in the the University and students through their high level of support for the Greenville University Fund. Members commit a minimum of $10,000 or more each year for three years in undesignated gifts, placing them in the very top level of donors who power the University's unique work.

For more information on joining Heritage Circle, contact Linda Myette.

Tower Society

Members of the Tower Society invest in the the University and students through their high level of support for The Greenville University Fund. They commit a minimum of $5,000 in undesignated gifts, each year for three years.

For more information on joining Tower Society, contact Linda Myette.

President’s Society

These donors provide vital support to the University through contributions of $1,000 or more within a given fiscal year. Young donors (graduates within the last 10 years) who contribute $100 or more within a given fiscal year are also part of this group. 

Gold: $10,000+, Young Alumni $1,000+
Silver: $5,000-$9,999, Young Alumni $500-$999
Bronze: $2,500-$4,999, Young Alumni $250-$499
Copper: $1,000-2,499, Young Alumni $100-$249

Dean’s Club

These financial champions give at leadership levels to further the mission and ministry of Greenville University. GU 500 for donors of $500-$999 and GU 250 for donors of $250-$499.

Ivy Circle

Some alumni and friends see to the future needs of the University by making planned gifts. The Ivy Circle recognizes their forward-looking generosity.

H.J. Long Society

Many financial champions give faithfully and reliably throughout their entire lives. This society recognizes those who have attained cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 or more, including all gifts from 1979 to present. (Gifts prior to 1979 were not recorded in the Greenville University databases.)

Give Online

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Giving to Greenville University is fast, easy and makes a difference in the lives of students. Thank you for your generosity.