Veronica Ross

Veronica Ross

Emerita Professor of Communication

Year Started at GU: 1990
Email: [email protected]
Areas of Responsibility:

Former Communication Department Chairperson, faculty member, and COR 401 group mentor. Presently teaching two courses: COMM 307 and COMM 410.

I taught at Greenville College for 25 years, retiring in May 2015. I am the wife of Stephen and mother of Chris ('93) and Corey ('98). I am the grandmother of Alexa, Andrew and Aiden. While in college I was asked to co-write a communication textbook with Dr. Rob Anderson. We wrote/created three editions of the theory text Questions of Communication: A Practical Introduction to Theory. 
In addition I taught dozens of different courses across campus, designed and taught courses for GC's Goal Program; conducted numerous workshops, both and and off-campus; served as an internship facilitator for over a hundred students; mentored COR 401 groups; and served as an external reviewer for Communication departments at Blackburn College and Principia College.

Retirement should be fun when I get there, but adjunct teaching allows me to remain in the classroom, where I continue to grow with my students. A highlight of my life was receiving the Richard W. Stephens' Outstanding Faculty Award in 2013.

About Veronica Ross

What is your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I enjoy working with dynamic and bright young adults, and with faculty who love learning as much as I do. My top five Gallup Strengths include Learner, Input, Connectedness, Arranger, and Relator. Many of my colleagues have Learner and/or Input in their top five Strengths, so we all have a lot in common. We love academia and sharing what we have learned with others who need to hear what we can offer. However, I personally feel rewarded to learn as much from my students as they may learn from me.

What attracted you to the Communication Department?

I was attracted to Communication when I took my first public speaking course. With each course, I was more enamored with the discipline. Communication is versatile and includes interpersonal, gender, listening, small group, nonverbal, verbal, perception, values, ethics, theory, self-concept, speaking in public, and so much more. It is impossible to exist without communication. Most every occupation requires effective communication skills. On a personal level, I deliver motivational presentations, chair committees, write books, and I have conducted hundreds of professional workshops and personal growth sessions. I serve as a guest lecturer in other faculty members' classes, as well as a peer evaluator for communication departments at other institutions.


COR 401 Senior Capstone 

Speech Communication 101

Honors Speech Communication 101H

Radio Station Operations 130 (140)

Effective Listening 170/175

Listening in an Entrepreneurial World 170

Gender Communication 170/172

Crossing Cultural Borders 172

Communication and Culture of the 1960s   171/174

Lies, Deceits, and Dishonesty    171

Cultural Borders: Males and Females Communicating Differently 172

Nonverbal Communication 199/399

The British Invasion 170

Radio Station Practicum 230/330 (240/340)

Broadcast Writing 232

Radio Production 233

Advanced Public Speaking 201

Persuasion and Argumentation 301

Small Group Communication 303

Communication Theory 304

Voice and Diction 305

Introduction to Public Relations 306

Advanced Interpersonal Communication and Gender 307

Applied Public Relations 308

Broadcast Management 350

Interviewing (370) 360

Independent Studies 399

Internships 405 A, C, F

Communication Seminar/Media Promotions Seminar 410

Principles and Practices of Entrepreneurship and Ethics 399A

Entrepreneurship: Case Studies and Ventures 399B

GOAL--Managing Interpersonal Communication

GOAL--Organizational Communication

GOAL--Group Dynamics

GOAL--Writing Strategies and Organization 

Awards and Recognition

2013 Richard W. Stephens' Outstanding Faculty Award

Publications and Presentations

Co-author, Questions of Communication: A Practical Introduction to Theory, 3rd Ed., published by Bedford-St. Martin's

Managing Interpersonal Communication—GOAL Course Teachers’ and Students’ Manual

Organizational Communication—GOAL Course Teachers’ and Students’ Manual

Professional Affiliations

National Communication Association
Central States Communication Association
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
SIUE Alumni Association

Related Experiences

Director of Business and Promotions -- WGRN Radio
--Fall 1994 - present

GOAL (Adult Degree Completion Program) Instructor and Developer of Two Courses

Head of the Communication Department
--August 1996-present

Co-Chair, Media Promotions/Digital Media Major

Faculty Review Committee
--Fall, 2006-present