Hyung Choi

Dr. Hyung Choi

Professor, Department of Physics and Engineering

Year Started at GU: 2013
Office: Snyder Hall 114
Phone: 618-664-6523
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours:

9:30 AM - 12:20 PM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Also by appointment

Areas of Responsibility:

Chair, Physics Department
Director, Engineering Program
Director, Quantum Information Lab 

Dr. Choi came to Greenville in 2013 from the John Templeton Foundation where he served as Director of Mathematics & Physical Sciences Division. He was a Visiting Researcher at Wycliff Hall, Oxford University; Visiting Fellow at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University; Witherspoon Fellow at CTNS, Berkeley. 

Dr. Choi produced more than 30 international research programs in mathematics, physics, and cosmology. Among them are: “The Physics of Information” with Max Tegmark of MIT (2012), “New Frontiers in Physics and Cosmology” with Don York, Univ. of Chicago (2012), and “Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality” with Anton Zeilinger, Univ. of Vienna (2010).  

His research areas of interests include Quantum Theory of Light, Quantum Information, The Foundations of Quantum Physics, and Cosmology. He loves the Game of Go, Travel, and working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). He lives in Highland with his wife Piety, an accomplished artist. 


University Physics I, II, III
Analytical Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism
Thermal & Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Quantum information Theory, Advanced Physics Labs

Publications and Presentations

“Going beyond Bell’s Inequalities with Hyper-entanglement,” Optics and Photonics Winter School and Workshop, University of Arizona, 2016. 

“An Engineering School in the Context of Christian Liberal Arts Tradition,” Christian Engineering Conference, Seattle Pacific University, 2015.

“Physics of Nothing: The Nature of Space, Time, and the Quantum,” Gateway to Space Conference, St. Louis, 2014.  

God’s Seven Questions (book), Seoul: YWAM Publishing Co., 2012.

Professional Affiliations

American Physical Society
Christian Engineering Society
American Society for Engineering Education
The Foundational Questions Institute 

Related Experiences

Director, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, the John Templeton Foundation (2009-2012)
Director for Research and Programs in the Natural Sciences, the Metanexus Institute (2003-2006)
Director, The Canyon Institute for Advanced Study and Professor of Mathematical Physics and Philosophy of Science, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ. (1996-2002)