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McAllaster Scholarship 

The McAllaster Scholars are named after Dr. Elva McAllaster, who began teaching the first "honors" course at Greenville University in the 1950s. In the time since, we've grown into a full-fledged honors program that accepts approximately thirty new students each year. Today, GU's McAllaster Scholars program nurtures excellent students who are especially gifted to serve God and neighbor through the work of Christian learning and scholarship. Consider how your future might be transformed by the opportunities you'll have as a McAllaster Scholar at Greenville University. 

  • Intimate learning community- smaller honors classes and one-on-one relationships with honors faculty provide an intentional, collaborative liberal learning environment.
  • Academically enriched course of study- our best faculty offer a distinctive, integrated general education curriculum designed for our brightest and most motivated students.
  • Atmosphere of vibrant engagement- McAllaster scholars are equipped and empowered to become individuals of influence who invigorate the intellectual life of the campus and serve the broader Greenville community. 

Admission Standards

  • To qualify for the McAllaster Scholars program, students must have a high school GPA of 3.3 or higher.
  • To apply, students must first be accepted by GU and then complete and submit a McAllaster Scholars application.
  • Students are admitted to the program on a rolling basis. Typically, students will hear a decision on their application to the program within one week.
  • The program is limited to thirty students per year. 

Program Requirements

To graduate as a McAllaster Scholar, students must:

  • Complete 21 hours of honors coursework. A variety of honors courses are offered each semester and during Interterm. All honors courses meet general education requirements. Typically, McAllaster Scholars will take much of their honors course-load during their first two years as they move toward more major-focused work during the Junior and Senior year. Read more about the McAllaster Scholars curriculum here.
  • Write a Departmental Honors Project during the Senior year. The Departmental Honors Project is a capstone research experience within a major discipline. Students will select a research topic and assemble a faculty committee who will guide them in their research and writing. When completed, the project is presented and defended before the Departmental Honors Project committee. Read more about the Departmental Honors project here.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.




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