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Financial Aid 

The average undergraduate financial aid package at GU is more than $20,000. Start your journey towards an affordable education, financial opportunities are waiting. 

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The sticker price for college can be intimidating, that’s why there’s financial aid! Explore how our unique financial aid opportunities can help you cut the cost.   

Explore ways to cut the cost. 

What's the Cost?

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Offering More Than Financial Opportunities

"I thought the MOSIAC diversity scholarship would be something that would just help me financially, but I wanted to make an impact, and that's something I can do with this scholarship and program."
-CJ Falls, Business Management Major

On Campus

Estimated On Campus Undergraduate Cost

Tuition 29,998
Room 4,498
Meals 4,950
Student Fee 550
Total 39,996
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Estimated Online Undergraduate Cost

Tuition 459/hour
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Estimated Online Graduate Cost

Tuition 476/hour
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Estimated International Cost

Tuition 29,260
Room 4,498
Meals 4,850
Fees 550
Insurance 850
Total 40,008
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