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Xu (Albert) Li, Business Management

Albert LiI really enjoyed the life in Greenville so far. Greenville College has a very friendly studying environment and people here are really nice. It will benefit you a lot for your undergraduate study. You will definitely like it if you come here. And you can learn a lot here as well, not only academically but also something about life. If you are still hesitating for which college you’re going to go, I think Greenville College would be one of the best choices. I am looking forward to seeing you in the future!

Qiwei (Jack) Wang, Digital Media

Jack WangI like the University Pathways English learning program at Greenville College because the it really helped me connect with the college. My tutors were all college students, and I became friends with them. The courses helped me to prepare for college classes such as research writing, speech and presentation.

The college provided a variety of choices for me. I am a digital media major, but I still enjoyed some other classes that I took for general credits like the Bible class, COR class and some physical education activity classes. Also the professors can answer most of my questions, and are willing to communicate with me both in class and after class. I feel comfortable and confident studying here.

Feng Qiu, Business Management

Feng QiuI am an international student at Greenville College. I studied in the University Pathways English learning program about one year and got a lot of benefits for my English ability. Here are some personal examples that summarize my experience:

1. From my personal experience I think the English program is the proper class for most international students who cannot speak English well. When I first came here, I could only speak about three sentences in English. After two semesters, my English is enough for regular college classes. 

2. Greenville College is different than other schools even though most schools have University Pathways or similar classes. The difference is Greenville College could provide a pure English language environment. As an international student here, I have to spend more time to approach American students, but not only students that come from the same country. This condition is helpful for most students who want to learn English language.

3. My current major is business management. I think our traditional class has a powerful benefit that is small class size. The small class provides more opportunities for students to communicate with professors directly.

Xiaotong (Toni) Zheng, Physics / Engineering 3-2

Toni ZhengThe University Pathways English learning program at Greenville College helped me with college paper writing, which I found very important in undergraduate studying, and the speech course was very helpful. Currently, I'm enrolled in undergraduate courses. The small environment of Greenville College helped me as a foreign student; I could get attention from professors and get more help. And, the engineering 3/2 program is very good.

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