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Completing the Program


Students who begin at Level 1 must successfully pass the 5 levels to complete the program.  Students who begin at Level 2 must successfully pass levels 2-5 to complete the program. Students are promoted to the next level if they obtain an overall average grade of at least 75% for all of their classes offered in that level. The 75% is based on all work the student has completed in all classes within the level – all assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. Students must repeat a level until they have successfully completed the coursework at that level. This is for a student’s own benefit. We need to ensure they have the skills to move onto the next level.

Because we believe it is essential for the students to be able to comprehend college level texts in English, write well-developed papers, and comprehend spoken English, we require students to get a passing grade of 75% or above in two very important classes in Levels 1-4 (Reading and Writing; Listening and Speaking) and three very important classes in Level 5 (Reading; Writing; and Listening and Note-Taking). Students must receive a passing grade of at least 75% in these specific classes, regardless of obtaining an overall average of 75%.

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