New Student Orientation - Checklist

Welcome to the New Student Checklist. There's a ton to think about before you head off to college and we want to help make sure you think of it all.

Use the links at the right to find out about your residence hall, where you'll eat, and what's going to take place during New Student Orientation. We've also listed out all of the documents and forms you'll need when you get here. And as always, if you have any questions, give us a call or shoot us an email!

FAQ for New Students

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Computer viruses and worms are programs or program fragments which are potentially damaging to computer and network-based information and resources.

All students should be aware of the ease by which viruses and worms are spread and must take all necessary steps to insure that files and devices are virus and worm-free. All computing devices connected to the Greenville College data network are required to have anti-virus software installed and fully updated at all times.

Computers detected on the network spreading viruses or exhibiting virus-like activity will be quarantined and will not regain access to the network until quarantine steps are completed or system is reinstalled. In some cases a mandatory reinstall will be necessary.

Examples of such mandates include, but are not limited to: a new virus has infected your computer for which removal tools or instructions are not available, or keylogger is installed on your system which presents reasonable risk of identity theft.

Yes, but since the number of faculty offering applied lessons is limited, lesson priority is given to music majors and minors. Elective lessons may be offered if lesson slots are available.

Note: Students who are not music majors or in a music ensemble may not store instruments in any of the music department facilities. The music department is also not responsible for any students’ instruments or equipment stored in our facilities.

Yes, we feel that Chapel is a very important part of the Greenville College experience and hope that you will learn from these experiences and grow in community with others as we go through each semester. Chapel has much to offer each and every semester from bringing in various speakers to faculty and staff encouraging you along the way.

Each student is required to earn 36 chapel credits per semester. There are two types of chapel credits: CORE chapel credits, and ELECTIVE Chapel credits. Freshmen are required to earn 31 CORE Chapel credits and 5 Elective Chapel Credits to fulfill the 36 credits needed each semester.

To earn CORE chapel credits the options are:

  • Chapel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30 – 10:20 a.m.
  • Prayer and Meditation Chapel on Tuesdays from 1:30 – 2:20 p.m.
  • Student-led VESPERS service on Thursday evenings from 9:30 – 10:20 p.m.

Elective chapel credits are issued by attending weekly or bi-weekly floor Bible studies and various other approved activities on campus. Commuting students who live outside of Bond County and have no classes before chapel at 9:30 am should contact Alisa Gunter to discuss options.

If you have further questions, please consult your Student Handbook or contact Chaplain Lori Gaffner, or her assistant, Alisa Gunter.

Chaplain Lori Gaffner
Dean of the Chapel
[email protected]

Alisa Gunter
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Office: Snyder Hall room 102

No. A laptop is not required but many students do find them extremely helpful in their course of work.

Network gaming is allowable provided it does not interfere with our network or others' use of the network.  We do not explicitly block any games, however, network bandwidth monitoring tools may impact performance.

We expect and require students to act responsibly with their computers, and to avoid using them for inappropriate purposes. Downloading of pornography, as well as other improper conduct, is prohibited, detectable, and traceable to your individual computer and network ID.

We use a system that monitors the pages students view from the Internet rather than restricting access. A report of offenders is maintained by the Student Development Office on a regular basis. Violations to campus policies may result in disabling internet access and/or network accounts.

Voluntary Internet Blocking
Voluntary blocking of inappropriate websites is available. An online form can be found on the IT Support Center website. You may complete this form to request website filtering for your student account.

Yes, we have a wireless network. In fact, we were the first college in the nation to build out a completely wireless campus.

You will receive information on how to connect to the network when you arrive on campus.

Students wishing to change their schedule should pick up an add/drop form from the Records Office located in Greenville Central at Armington Center. The student must then consult with and receive the signature of their academic advisor for all schedule changes. The form must then be returned to the Records Office for processing.

When you'd like to declare a major and/or minor, pick up the appropriate forms in the Records Office in Greenville Central, located in Armington Center.

Then you need to meet with the department chair of your chosen major to discuss your academic goals and to be assigned an advisor. The forms must then be returned to the Records Office.

Learn more about how to join a music ensemble here.

Students may add a class without an instructor’s permission during the first five days of the semester. They may add or drop a class with an instructor’s permission through day 10 of the semester. Students who get permission to add a course beginning day six of the semester will be charged a $25 add fee. From day 11 through 50 (10 weeks) students may only withdraw from a class with their instructor’s permission. Withdrawn classes will appear on the student’s transcript, but will not affect the GPA. Withdrawing from a course may affect a student’s bill or financial aid, so check with the Financial Aid Office before you make a schedule change. Athletes need to consult with their coach before withdrawing from a course as doing so may affect eligibility. For more information on adding, dropping, and/or withdrawing, please consult the Greenville College Catalog. All schedule changes require the signature of the student’s advisor.

Download the College Catalog »

Unfortunately, we cannot. Greenville College does not have a computer repair center like some bigger universities.  If you experience problems with your personal computer we encourage you to contact the manufacturer or a local computer repair center.

Unfortunately, rogue access points and routers have interfered with our wireless network and are not allowed on campus.

Yes! Members of the Baggage Brigade will be at each dorm to help students move in on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Baggage Brigade is a group of people designated to help carry students' luggage to the dorm room. Once your vehicle is unloaded, members of the Brigade will come and carry your belongings to your room.

Parking at the Ganton Circle parking lots, located east of Dallax Annex [building 21 on your campus map] is reserved for bookstore customers and campus visitors only, so students cannot park in this lot. 

Parking along the posted fire lane on either side of Ganton Circle Drive is prohibited.

These restrictions are in effect 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In order to play sports, students must maintain a 1.75 GPA first semester of freshman year and a 2.0 GPA during the second semester of freshman year and following semesters.

Many of the majors and programs at Greenville College require students either to complete two semesters of college-level foreign language or to show that level of proficiency. 

Proficiency may be demonstrated through online testing (GS 100) or makeup testing during NSO.

My.Greenville is our campus academic and community web portal. You can access it by going to

On my.Greenville you can view campus announcements, the campus calendar, and information from key administrative offices. It serves as our “jumping off” point for services and items related to your life as a student here at Greenville College. 

The StrengthsFinder is an instrument designed to identify your top five “talents” or strengths out of a possible 34. This instrument has been developed by the Gallup Organization and has been used by many corporations throughout the world. GC is the first education institution to use the StrengthsFinder to benefit students and is serving as a national model for others.

All new freshmen and transfer students have an opportunity to take the StrengthsFinder which is now a part of the new program called StrengthsQuest in the CORE 101/301 class. Others may contact Patrick Miller at Ext. 6655 or [email protected] to arrange to pick up a book.

This is your chance to learn of the different clubs, teams, organizations, jobs, etc. available to students of the Greenville College Campus and in the Greenville Community.

Check the campus events calendar to see what day the Opportunities Fair is being held this year.

In response to this issue, Greenville College has adopted a policy that prohibits file sharing of data objects of which you do not have rights as determined by copyright law. 

This includes transfer of files using popular peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, Morpheus, eDonkey, etc., or by open shares on the campus network.  The campus "Appropriate Use" policy covers this issue and may be read in its entirety on our IT Support Center website.

View the Appropriate Use Policy »

Our Campus Activities Board works hard each year to organize campus events including movie nights, Coffeehouse open mics, barbeques on Scott Field, and a few surprises. Watch for signs around campus and check for details.

Athletic events are scheduled for most weekends as well.

The Greenville College Counseling Offices are located on the first floor of the Ruby E. Dare Library, and services students who are currently enrolled and attending classes on campus. The office provides a broad range of mental health services and referrals. Appointments can be made in person or by contacting the Counseling Office at ext. 6610 or 6818 or via email one of our two counselors: Mallory Sample ([email protected]) or George Smith ([email protected]).

If students are uncertain whether counseling is what they would like, introductory appointments may help them decide. The decision to seek counseling is always up to the individual. Counseling sessions and their content are confidential, consistent with the legal and ethical obligations of the counselor. There is no charge for any of the counseling services provided.

With the proliferation of cell phones, Greenville College does not provide phone access in individual dorm rooms. Campus phones are available in public areas on each dorm floor and in lounges. One campus phone is also provided for every campus house.

Washer and dryers are located in lower levels of Burritt, Holtwick, Joy, Janssenn, Kinney/Tenney, College Ave and West Oak. All of the machines are coin operated.

Students who are enrolled in a music course may practice in LaDue Auditorium or in Whitlock Music Center. Applied students may reserve practice times in some practice rooms.

This can be done in the music office the first week. Authorized groups may sign up for the Blackroom with Professor Gary Erickson at ext. 6573. They may sign up for a practice with the Music Department ext. 6560.

Groups may NOT practice in the chapel of Whitlock Music Center.

Residential students are assigned a mailbox. You will receive your mailbox info and key during the first week of classes.

Campus mail and U.S. Mail is distributed Monday through Friday. Students are encouraged to check their mailboxes regularly. Packages and certified mail may be picked up at the mailroom [building 12, on your campus map] counter during regular business hours. A photo ID is required when picking up packages or certified mail.

A $25 fee will be assessed for replacement keys and the mailroom will not get your mail for you if you do not have your key. Mailboxes for all students are in the Delbert E. Sims Union [building 11, on your campus map]

All student mail must be addressed to a campus post office number (CPO#). Items without the CPO# will experience delays. Student mail should be addressed as follows:

Name of Student
317 East College Ave.
CPO # XXX (where “xxx” is your mailbox number)
Greenville, IL 62246

If you are interested in a specific sport, please contact the coach. To get a list of coaches, you can call the Athletic Department Secretary at ext. 6621.

For students registered for CORE 101, your CORE 101 instructor will be your academic advisor during the fall semester. Freshmen who declare a major in the fall will be assigned an academic advisor from the student’s major department in the spring. Freshmen who remain undeclared will continue to be advised by their CORE 101 instructor until a major is declared.

Transfer students who have declared a major will be advised by a faculty member from the department of their chosen major. Undeclared transfer students will be assigned an advisor by the Records Office.

Every student is issued an email account while enrolled at Greenville College.  This account is one of our official means of campus communication.  We encourage you to check email routinely to view important campus information, bulletins, announcements and updates.  While some people may already have or choose to use personal email accounts such as hotmail or, campus addresses are the only ones that will be used for official college communication.