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Business Management Major Overview

The Business Management major takes you to the heart of what "managing" a business organization really means. You'll learn to measure resources and results logically and accurately, to incorporate others into team efforts that multiply the effects of everyone's talents, and to lead those others toward well-selected goals. You'll also learn to increase the wealth and well-being available to people in the US and all over the world. Measuring our resources, leading others to multiply the value of those resources, and making the world a better place for all--we call this "stewardship," and it's the heart of the Business Management major.

Our professors have committed their lives to following and serving Christ, and have answered a calling to help our students do the same. We seek students who want to serve God by organizing human effort to accomplish important, valuable things. We want to use God's resources to solve some of the most difficult of human problems--those involving scarcity, freedom, a better society, and individual growth.


Greenville University also offers Business Management Online for working students that need a flexible education plan.


Greenville University strives to provide a tailored education that allows students to pursue their specific interests. Our Business Management Major provides an Advertising elective, which features a course schedule designed to provide a focused experience and education for that field.

Agribusiness Concentration 

Our Agribusiness concentration prepares students for the adaptive world of agriculture by applying sound business practices. Students gain real experience with collaborating ag-companies in the surrounding area. Learn more about our Business Management major with a concentration in Agribusiness here.

Experiences Delivered

Greenville University empowers students and graduates to experience meaningful change.

And the Greenville University community produces some pretty amazing stories of transformation, character, and service. Learn more »

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Career Opportunities

  • Advertising
  • Bank Manager
  • City Manager
  • Consultant
  • Loan Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Business Analyst
  • Property Manager
  • Sales Representative
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