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Agribusiness Major Overview

Not Your Traditional Agriculture Degree 

The new agribusiness program from the Briner School of Business at Greenville University packs a punch.  It is not your traditional ag degree.

Nestled in the heartland of the Midwest, Greenville University is surrounded by agribusiness industry giants in every direction for 500 miles. Our agribusiness management program delivers a relevant applied business management degree adapted for the growing agribusiness industry.

Strong science, applied math, and an understanding of legal, political, and economic factors form the pillars of this program. Agribusiness coursework includes business and market plan development, entrepreneurial lab exercises, and participation in agricultural commodity market simulations. Funneling broadly grounded, faith-based backgrounds through an agribusiness focus is our competitive advantage over larger, more traditional agricultural programs.

Beyond the classroom, we encourage students to participate in practicums and internships. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to serve in consulting roles for agribusiness companies through the Briner School of Business’ Experience First program.  Current agribusiness companies involved in Experience First are Rural King (Mattoon, IL), Eckert’s Orchard (Belleville, IL), and Rolling Lawn Farms (Greenville, IL).

Our agribusiness graduates are relevant, competent, business-ready leaders who will establish themselves as business leaders for the agribusiness firms that hire them. 

Briner School of Business Mission Statement:

The Briner School of Business educates and empowers students to effectively impact the world by confidently carrying their faith and knowledge into the marketplace so culture experiences the difference.

Agribusiness Management Mission Statement:

The mission of a BS degree in agribusiness management is to prepare graduates to be the best qualified, most talented candidates for any position in an agriculture-related industry. The agribusiness management program is highly experiential and relies on financial and operational analytical tools to arm Briner agribusiness majors with the ability to provide compelling solutions in evolving real-time challenges. Built on a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, students will also understand the meaning of being a “Roaring Lamb,” as described by the Briner School of Business namesake, Bob Briner.  Agribusiness management graduates will have the professional acumen to respectfully impress industry colleagues (as lambs) and the confidence to suggest innovative ideas to their employers (that roar).

Program/Major Objectives: Qualities and competencies expected in graduates from this program/major

At the close of their degree students should be able to:

1. Effectively manage colleagues, employees, and clients in ever-changing domestic and international business environments.
2. Synthesize goals, team work, and leadership activities built upon a meaningful business vision and strategy.
3. Analyze agricultural trends and integrate them into effective, profitable management decisions
4. Evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses using proven financial and operational analytical tools.
5. Efficiently communicate plans, issues, and progress to any stakeholder with a broad array of technology using written, spoken, and digital techniques.

Experiences Delivered

Greenville University empowers students and graduates to experience meaningful change.

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Career Opportunities

  • Farm Appraiser
  • Agricultural Policy Analyst
  • Farm Manager
  • Crop Producer
  • Grain and Livestock Buyer
  • Market Analyst
  • Financer
  • Quality Controller
  • Marketing Director
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