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Residence Life - Residence Life Staff


Residence Life is more than just buildings where students live. It is also group of individuals who are interested in making an investment in each resident who comes to Greenville College. Each residence hall is staffed by a Residence Life team, which includes a professional called a Coordinator of Residence Education who supervises several student Resident Chaplains. Resident Chaplains are students who live on the floors and provide direction, guidance, and support for the residents.

Ross Baker

Director of Housing / Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 618.664.7116

Naomi Brown

Coordinator of Residence Education

Phone: 618.664.6693

In charge of Tenney Hall, and Kinney Hall

Kelsey Groves

Administrative Assistant to Residence Life

Phone: 618.664.7121

Rose Marinucci

Coordinator for Resident Education, Burritt Hall


In charge of Burritt East/West, Dallas Annex, and Burritt Annex

Patrick Miller

Dean of Students

Phone: 618.664.7115

Craig Williams

Graduate Assistant Coordinator of Residence Education

Phone: 618.664.6695

In charge of Janssen Hall