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The Exhaustion Tour

The Overlooked Mission Field of Bands on the Move

Simeon LohrmannSimeon Lohrmann has a knack for seeing what other people miss. When empty nesters see a spare bedroom, he sees potential for Gospel-inspired hospitality. When a hairstylist sees a quick haircut, he sees an opportunity for grace to shine with the added words, “No charge.”  

Every day, looking through mission-colored glasses, Simeon sees regular people who are positioned to give and receive blessings. His job is to connect them to those opportunities.

Simeon Lohrmann ’06 is operations director for California-based RYFO, a non-profit advocate for Christian outreach to musicians. RYFO’s coast-to-coast network of missionary-minded helpers serves musicians in several ways:

  • Host families open their homes to road-weary troubadours and provide safe havens for them to sleep, eat home-cooked meals and do their laundry.
  • Christian service providers like hair stylists, dentists, mechanics and videographers offer their skills to musicians at significantly reduced or no cost.
  • Fans connected to the RYFO website adopt bands and pray for the musicians’ expressed needs.

Why musicians? Because musicians comprise an overlooked mission field. Behind their center-stage presence and adulation from fans, they are still persons who need the Gospel. When the spotlight dims and the crowds disperse, when the jam-packed tour van eases onto yet another expressway, the downside of life on the road sets in – a downside that goes far deeper than creature comforts.

Touring musicians face pressures and temptations that tax body and soul. As one blogging band member put it, the lifestyle leaves “wrecked relationships, band breakups, chemical casualties, and creative burnout” in its wake. Musicians need the rest and rejuvenation that kindness in Christ can bring. They need the Gospel.

Since 2009, RYFO has orchestrated the show and tell of Jesus’ love to thousands of musicians. Some tour and others are local; some follow Christ, others don’t.

Most recently, Simeon has helped RYFO identify two additional avenues for Christ-followers to share God’s love. Beginning next year, RYFO will invite “road bros” to share their roadie skills like light and sound management with musicians, free of charge. Also, venue chaplains will partner with local venues to serve bands that play each night.   

Simeon majored in business management at GC and gained more than six years of experience at Capital Group Companies (CGC) before accepting the director position at RYFO. During his CGC years, he rose through the ranks from customer service to corporate trainer. He also completed a program in leadership and management from Notre Dame University and volunteered at RYFO on evenings and weekends.

As RYFO’s operations director, he currently manages budgets and raises funds, maintains social media communications, oversees staff and develops and implements plans to ensure effective ministry. His reference to RYFO’s work as a mission is not a metaphor.

“My role with RYFO is financially structured the same as most administrative jobs at non-profit missions organizations,” he says. “As such, I am actively working to raise support just like any other missionary.”

The performance opportunities that came Simeon’s way when he was a student at GC had lasting impact. He played in several bands (including one with RYFO’s founder, Nick Greenwood), recorded several albums, performed on the main stage at AgapeFest and toured during summer breaks.

Simeon returned to GC in October to share RYFO with music business students. He believes there is room in RYFO’s work for them. And, when Simeon Lohrmann sees an opportunity for Gospel-inspired service, there is a good chance a blessing will follow.

This story was published on November 01, 2013

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