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Striving to Succeed

Story by Kristi Reindl Striving to Succeed

Jared Martin, Greenville College graduate of ’07, currently works in the hospitality industry. Though busy and challenging, Martin finds it rewarding and often recalls his time at Greenville and how it influenced his successful career today.

Martin first heard of Greenville College from his mother who had ties with the Association of Christian Colleges and Universities. He heard positive feedback about the college and it provided him the opportunity to play football, which drew his attention. After filling out a questionnaire, he visited the campus and decided it would be a perfect fit for what he wanted to do. “There also seemed to be an ‘it’ factor with GC that I just didn’t get from the other schools I had visited,” Martin stated.

Fresh out of high school, Martin was ready for new experiences and he strived to make his time at Greenville College worthwhile. He entered the fall semester of ’03 double majoring in business management and marketing. Though heavily involved with football, he also served in the student senate for two years, hosted a sports talk radio show called “Halftime,” and worked in several departments including IT and the dining commons. Unfortunately, Martin endured a shoulder injury early on that ended his active play in football. The injury devastated Martin and he considered leaving the college at that point. Football had been one of his priority reasons for ending up at Greenville College. However, head coach Scott Kessler, ensured that Martin still had a place on the football team even though he could not play. It was during that time Martin became the first “servant warrior” which he explains is “our term for non-coaching student helpers.”

Martin transitioned during his freshman year as he realized Greenville College was right for him for numerous reasons aside from football. His professors encouraged and guided him academically and also in his faith. Martin recalls that it was not solely the education that prepared him for his career, but also the community of Greenville College. The community helped him develop as an individual. Martin was consistently surrounded by successful men and women of all walks of faith. “The lessons taught in the classroom are valuable, but the lessons put on display by the men and women of GC are what really made the impact. I learned from seeing these people live lives above reproach, truly displaying a servant’s heart day in and out. Sacrifice, loyalty, commitment and love were readily on display everywhere I went at GC.”

Hotel RenovationsNow serving as a general manager in the hospitality industry, Martin thrives in his work and declares that there are no two days alike. He currently manages a hotel of 145 rooms while also overseeing a second hotel that is under extensive renovation (the photo of the room with a red wall is an example of the hotel's renovations). Each day is fast paced and brings different demands. “I could be walking with a landscaper one minute and helping to make beds in a guest room the next.”

Though his days are long, Martin’s position allows him to impact numerous lives on a daily basis. He claims that is what really drives him to work hard and create a professional, yet lively, work place for both his employees and customers. Employees often identify him as “different” than others who are in the hospitality business. Martin gives the credit to Greenville College, declaring it taught him to be “different” and successful every day.

This story was published on May 29, 2014

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