News - FAQs - AgapeFest New Look

FAQs - AgapeFest New Look

FAQs - AgapeFest New Look

When and where will AgapeFest be in 2014?

AgapeFest is scheduled on April 26, 2014, at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo.

What led AgapeFest to consider a change in venue? Why now?

AgapeFest has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the Bond County Fairgrounds where it has hosted a number of successful events and created positive memories for countless Christian music fans. The Bond County Fairgrounds has been an excellent partner for a number of years.

Poor weather conditions prove to be an ongoing challenge for the festival. Rain, leading up to and during AgapeFest, often results in unfavorable conditions for an outdoor music festival. Festival organizers also identified the need for a secure, climate-controlled facility large enough to accommodate AgapeFest fans in the event of severe storms or extreme temperatures. Greenville College students spend countless hours throughout the year planning and preparing for AgapeFest. It is important to mitigate the negative impact weather can have on festival attendance. Frequent weather-related issues have made it difficult to grow or sustain the ministry of AgapeFest at the current location.

A new venue will enhance the festival experience for fans, and it will improve learning opportunities for Greenville College students who organize AgapeFest. By moving to an arena designed to accommodate a variety of concerts, festival organizers hope to reduce interruptions that may distract from the purpose of the event.

Why did AgapeFest select a venue in Missouri? Were other options considered?

A variety of ideas were considered. Festival organizers focused on opportunities to improve the fan experience and reduce the negative impact of poor weather. The Family Arena clearly provides the best solution. It offers a state of the art performance center with ample indoor seating for AgapeFest fans and an adjacent parking lot with one million square feet of paved surface that can be used for other festival activities. The Family Arena staff provide years of concert experience to assist with AgapeFest logistics. It is a secure location two miles from the St. Charles Historic District near a variety of hotels and restaurants with existing directional signage to help visitors find the event. Conveniences at the family arena such as handicap seating, family restrooms and diaper changing stations may make AgapeFest more inviting for families and new groups of fans this year.

Moving from Greenville, Ill., to St. Charles, Mo., will require an adjustment for fans and AgapeFest organizers. For some it may require more travel, and for others the festival will now be closer. Hosting a music festival in a rural location required the majority of attendees to travel in order to have a successful turnout. For years, loyal fans made the road trip to Greenville. St. Charles offers an exciting new location for loyal AgapeFest fans, and it also opens opportunities to reach a new audience that may not have been aware of AgapeFest.

Why is AgapeFest only one day instead of two?

The new venue offers additional space and features, so AgapeFest can produce a richer one-day event. Fans can still expect a variety of Christian music on multiple stages. Moving to a one-day format does not limit AgapeFest’s potential impact in the region. Fans can now experience all of AgapeFest in one day, which reduces costs for the festival and the fans.

Will students still be in charge of organizing AgapeFest?

Yes. AgapeFest provides Greenville College students with the unique opportunity to gain practical experience in running a music festival. Students will continue to plan and implement all aspects of AgapeFest, from contacting bands and coordinating event logistics to promoting the festival and forming ministry partnerships. The new location enhances student-learning opportunities. It will reduce time that is often spent managing weather-related crises, and it will allow students to work in a state of the art concert venue.

What is the vision for AgapeFest in relation to the new location?

AgapeFest remains focused on creating memorable experiences for festivalgoers by glorifying God and furthering the Kingdom of Christ through music, service and fellowship. God has blessed AgapeFest with 37 years of ministry that have touched the lives of Greenville College students and Christian music fans throughout the region. At this time, a new venue seemed like the right choice in order to make AgapeFest more accessible and maintain student-learning opportunities. AgapeFest’s ongoing vision includes promoting Jesus, promoting experiential learning, and promoting Greenville College.

Will Greenville College host another event in Greenville in place of AgapeFest?

Greenville College does not have plans at this time to create a new music event in Greenville, Ill. The college continues to focus on improving events like homecoming, commencement, new student orientation and summer camps while hosting nearly 1,200 prospective students and their families each year for campus visits. The college also partners with other local events.

When can I get tickets for AgapeFest?

Check for the latest ticket information. AgapeFest will release information soon about 2014 tickets and prices.

This story was published on October 18, 2013

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