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Planned Giving


Generations of alumni and friends have established a legacy of generous giving to Greenville College. In addition to annual giving, planned gifts support the mission and ministry of Greenville College in lasting ways.

Why make a planned gift?

In the course of exploring planned giving options you may be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility, tax benefits, and scope of the legacy that you are able to leave behind to Greenville College. Whether you desire to make a significant gift to the College at a point when your assets will no longer be needed, or want to partner with the College for lifetime income, call us to discuss options for making a mutually beneficial planned gift (618) 664-6510.

What is the difference between annual and planned gifts?

“Annual gifts” are recurring donations typically made from a donor’s income stream, while “planned gifts” are derived from a donor’s asset base and estate plan.

Annual gifts are typically accomplished by gifts of cash (or check), gifts of “long-term” appreciated stock, and automatic deductions from payroll, credit or debit cards. While most donors are familiar with strategies for making annual contributions to their church and alma mater, donors may be interested in learning about the following tax planning strategies:

  1. Giving the right asset
  2. Utilizing the charitable IRA rollover
  3. Electing itemized or standard deductions

Planned gifts are best understood in two distinct categories: “current” planned giftsand “deferred” planned gifts. A current planned gift commences more immediately and is made during your lifetime, while a deferred gift made to Greenville College is delayed for a period of time and usually accomplishes some future financial goal.