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Internet Development Track

The internet track provides students with a more in-depth knowledge of the ever evolving information highway. Their technical, art, and marketing skills will assist them in successfully entering the workforce.

Students that pursue this emphasis have careers as webmasters (web site administrators), web application developers, digital content creators and application engineers.

Internet Development Track Courses

MRKT201 Marketing (3 Credits)
The present marketing system is described, analyzed, and evaluated through study of consumers, marketing functions, institutions, and commodities. The motivation of mass markets through advertising and personal selling is given special attention.
CIST325 World Wide Web Programming (3 Credits)
This course is designed to teach methods of programming for the World Wide Web. The student will learn about the technologies that are available and will create software that performs functions on an actual web site. Prerequisites: CIS/DM140. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.)
DMDA330 Business Practices in Design (3 Credits)
Through lecturers, demonstrations, research and studio work, this course encourages an in-depth study of the business aspects of the design profession. Common professional design problems are emphasized. Cross listed with ART 330. Prerequisite: DM 230. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)
MUSG360 Audio Post-Production (2 Credits)
This course will acquaint the student with the techniques and procedures for creating audio for film, video, radio and for the web. There will be specific projects in spotting effects, creating voice-overs, Foley effects, and music leads. This class will have many hands-on projects to implement new techniques. Prerequisite: MUSG 227 (Offered spring semester.)
Choose Two Courses - From CIST305, 315 or 330 (Courses Required: 2)
CIST305 Applied Lab in IT (3 Credits)
This course will research oriented topics in the design and implementation of computer systems. Specific topics are determined by current literature and by student and faculty interest. This course may be repeated two times for a total of nine credits. Prerequisite: CIS/DM140. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)
CIST315 Networking & Communication (3 Credits)
This course will introduce the student to the principles of data telecommunication and applications of data communications in current practice, including the Internet, distributed processing and databases, corporate data repositories, and the impact of improved telecommunications on business practice. Prerequisite: CIS 210. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)
CIST330 Database Management (3 Credits)
Provides the student with an ability to describe the theory of operation of various Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) and the capability of using several of the more frequently encountered DBMS's which are available for computer systems. The student will also study methods of database administration. Prerequisite: CIS 210 or CIS 240. (Offered spring semester.)


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Career Opportunities

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • Webmaster
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Application Engineer


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