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Game Design & Development Track

Experiment and study games. Learn the theories, skills and programming techniques needed to enter the growing field of Game Design & Development.

Game Design & Development Track Courses

CIST210 Programming and Data Structures I (3 Credits)
Using a modern high-level programming language, this course introduces algorithmic problem solving, basic control structures, basic data structures, and procedural abstraction. Prerequisites: MTH 111 and CIS 140, or MTH 115. (Offered fall semester.)
DMDA312 Game Theory (3 Credits)
This course aims to train students in the logic and strategic decision making involved in the theory of games. From the classification of games the course will move onto important definitions and concepts of game theory and teach students to solve strategic games between two and more agents in non-cooperative scenario. Prerequisite: DM120. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.)
DMDA314 3D Modeling and Rendering (3 Credits)
This course provides students with a thorough introduction to 3D computer animation and the fundamentals of expressive movement theory. it focuses on the art and practice of character animation, using practical assignments and critiques, along with reference material and analysis. Prerequisite: DM230. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)
DMDA316 Interactive Media (3 Credits)
In this course students will investigate the aesthetic and creative potential of cinema and interactivity. They will develop and sharpen their ability to formulate ideas and communicate them effectively with expressive means of interactive media. Prerequisite: DM314. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.)
DMDA318 Game Development (3 Credits)
This course will teach you the basic knowledge students need to be able to create digital prototypes of their own ideas. A concise and clear prototype provides an excellent template from which to engage collaborators to discover unexpected play patterns, and to receive constructive criticism. Prerequisite: DM316. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)


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