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Video & Film Track

Video and Film are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Technology has made this medium accessible to more and more people. This track exposes you to state-of-the-art techniques and methods for production and film theory and provides the student a chance to participate in the LA Film Studies program through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Video & Film Track Courses

MMEB125 Music, Media, Entertainme (3 Credits)
A business course which overviews the inner workings of the recording industry including A&R administration, artist, and producer agreements, music publishing, copyright registration, music retailing, radio airplay and INDIE promotion, and career options for this field. (Offered fall semester.)
DMDA402 Digital Video II (3 Credits)
Continue in learning of standard pre-production, production, and post-production practices for shooting digital video projects. Students will learn more about shooting in a variety of lighting and acoustic situations and will explore more advanced editing techniques. Concentration will be in two areas: documentary and narrative/drama. Also, students will explore the role of video in contemporary culture, especially as it relates to traditional film history. (offered as independant study)
Choose 10 Credit Hours (Credits Required: 10.00)
MUSB235 Music & Entertainment Lab I (1 Credit)
This course will introduce students to the music business through observation of on & off-campus music business related events and projects. Students enrolled in this course will also participate in at least one on-campus event. This could include activities sponsored by GCMUSB, AgapeFest, concert promotion, Lab Band A&R, etc. Each student will also be assigned an upper classman mentor enrolled in M&E Lab II or III. Students may earn up to a total of nine Music & Entertainment Lab credits. Prerequisite: MUSB125/325
FILM301 Inside Hollywood (6 Credits)
FILM307 Hollywood Production Workshop (4 Credits)
FILM313 Faith and Artistic Development Film (3 Credits)
FILM315 Professional Acting for the Camera (3 Credits)
FILM317 Narrative Storytelling (3 Credits)
MUSG360 Audio Post-Production (2 Credits)
This course will acquaint the student with the techniques and procedures for creating audio for film, video, radio and for the web. There will be specific projects in spotting effects, creating voice-overs, Foley effects, and music leads. This class will have many hands-on projects to implement new techniques. Prerequisite: MUSG 227 (Offered spring semester.)
ARTS390 Independent Studio (3 Credits)
Independent Studio provides time and space for the student who has completed at least the second level in any of the areas of specialization. The student works independently, approximately 12 hours per week. Work time is punctuated by weekly, individual, one-half hour meetings with the instructor and by biweekly critiques with other students in Independent and Advanced Studio classes. The main goal of the course is the achievement of a personal expression, which indicates clear conceptual development as evidenced by a body of work and a written statement. Students may take as many credits of Independent Studio as is necessary to complete the major requirements or to fulfill personal objectives. Prerequisite: Any second level studio course (ART 230, 300, 308, 312, 320) or permission of the Art Department Head. (Offered every semester.)
ENGL399 Open Titled (3 Credits)


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Career Opportunities

  • Videographer
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Media Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Production Designer


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