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What is
Digital Media?

The Digital Media major prepares students to become content creators in a world that is constantly being shaped by technology. Preparation includes the cultivation of analytic and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to work and communicate with others on complex interdisciplinary projects integrating digital music and graphic design; web based digital communications; and internet development skills.

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Game Design & Development

Experiment and study games. Learn video game design and prototyping programs. Complete theoretical and laboratory work that focuses on the video game development process. Learn More » 

Video & Film

Learn state-of-the-art techniques and methods for production and film theory. Learn More »

Graphic Design

Gain proficiency in the digital-based design field for web and print publishing.
Learn More »

Audio Recording

Integrate audio into digital technologies such as video and web. Learn More »

Internet Development

Learn how to design cutting-edge digital content and put it in action on the web. Learn More »

Experiences Delivered

Greenville College empowers students and graduates to experience meaningful change.

And the Greenville College community produces some pretty amazing stories of transformation, character, and service. Learn more »

Career Opportunities

DM Alumni's careers range widely - from Graphic Designers to Professional Photographers and Videographers, from Audio Engineers to Web Developers, and more. Check out the Tracks you're interested in to learn more about the careers possible!

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